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This was our first time playing the expansion but everyone was an experienced GoT player. The expansion really changed the dynamic since it mostly threw everybody against everybody else somewhere on the board. As a result, this game had very little diplomacy and it was pretty much a free for all after the second turn.

The Westoros cards certainly had an interesting part of the game as well. Through the whole game (which lasted 5 rounds) there were about 4 musters, 1 supply check and no Clash of Kings. The wildlings only attacked once to. They were beaten back soundly since we had a lot of power tokens saved up for the Clash that never came.

The first round had Tyrell win the Bonewood from Martell but also die. That was the end of Tyrell’s expansion into Martell land for a while. Lanister and Greyjoy scuffled a bit. Baratheon ousted Stark from Winterfell. Greyjoy took the Eastern Summer Sea and successfully defended it from a Martell counterstrike. Tyrell took the Narrow Sea.

Round two saw Greyjoy take Starfall from Martell. Baratheon kept the pressure on Stark and took White Harbour. Martell took back the Bonewood and tried unsuccessfully a second time to take the Eastern Summer Sea from Greyjoy. Lannister took Seaguard from Greyjoy.

Round three had the Lannisters taking Craklaw Point with Tyrell taking Moat Cailin with his routed unit. Tyrell took the Western Summer Sea from Greyjoy and broke Greyjoy’s supply chain to Martell’s land. This made Greyjoy have to focus more on Lannister who was getting pretty strong by this point. Stark, who was down to no castles, was unable to take back White Harbour. By the end of the round Lannister was leading with 6 castles and still holding the Iron Throne.

Round four, Lannister attacked Tyrell at The Reach for the win. After a brief discussion about what “final combat value” meant the ensuing battle occurred and Lannister was forced to retreat back to Kings Landing. Tyrell turned around and took both Kings Landing and Craklaw Point. Baratheon took Moat Cailin from Tyrell. Lannister, having built up a fleet took Ironman’s Bay from Greyjoy. Martell took Starfall from Greyjoy and then lost it to Tyrell. Martell finally took the Easter Summer Sea and destroyed the Greyjoy southern armada since it had nowhere to retreat to. By the end of this round, it was Tyrell with 6 castles.

Round five, Lannisters attacked Tyrell at Craklaw Point from Harrenhal and lost. Tyrell counterattacked for, what he thought was an automatic win since all the defenders were routed, but with the help of the rules forum at BGG there was a fight. Harrenhal was strongly supported and the game came down to the random cards. Tyrell!

After about turn 3 it was pretty clear that the game would go to either Tyrell, Lannister or Baratheon. They were the only ones to ever have five or more castles and the frequent musterings really helped them tip the scale against those with fewer castles.

A debrief afterwards had most of the players saying that they prefer the original set up as it allows for a building up period which we like. This version is much more aggressive and seems to be less diplomatic. Of course, that may only be because it was our first time so only time will tell.

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