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Subject: D&D Attack Wing: 3.6, An Uphill Battle rss

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Bobb Beauchamp
United States
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I'm continuing my attempt to play through every Adventure of the epic campaign, The Primodial Graveyard, found in the boosters of the Tyranny of Dragons boosters for D&D Attack Wing. My opponent, my 9 year old son, tied up our XP score with a win over Balagos in 3.5.

The story so far...We've learned that the evil dragons...Balagos, Eshaedra, Claugiyliamatar and others, are working to find something called the Primodial Graveyard, a sort of spiritual resting place and weapons repository for the good dragons. So far, the evil dragons have learned that the entrance to the Primordial Graveyard was guarded by a cloud giant, Luminos V., and have been tracking down clues to find him...or his fortress. Within the graveyard lies all of the good dragon's most powerful relics...and something else that even their most power is reluctant to name.

This adventure focuses around an armored cart, guarded by the Zhentarim warband. It contains the bulk of the treasure horde of the blue dragon Eshaedra. She's relocating, no doubt because Balagos had learned of the location of her cave back during the adventure prelude (the two adventures found in the starter rulebook). The cart is pulled by a pair of stone golems, but even their might is struggling to pull the card up a steep hill. It's at this moment that a band of highway robbers springs their trap!

Xavy decides he wants to play the Zhentarim this time around. He gets to take 120 points plus his XP bonus, while I'm limited to 80 points for the robbers. He wins by either defeating my entire force, or pushing the cart up the hill, across the table, and off my starting edge. Any creature on the ground can give the cart a push by attacking it, and moving it forward in speed equal to the hits + crits rolled. The Zhentarim can also spend their action to repair the cart, when they're close enough. Escorting them is Arveiaturace.

With only 80 points, I know fielding any named creatures is going to be difficult. The robbers win by either killing all the Zhentarim and immobilizing the cart, destroying the cart, or pushing it back down the hill and off the Zhentarim starting edge. I plan on focusing on the Zhentarim and the cart, so I hope I can ignore the big white dragon long enough to pull off a win and steal some of Eshaedra's goodies.

Leading my little band of robbers is a Dragon Cultist, with her Frost Giant bodyguard, and a green dragon for a little air support. I'm trying to be a little thematic with this build, and I know I'm in trouble if I have to take on anything with lots of armor and an ancient white dragon. But I also only need to kill me some hobgoblins, and deal with the cart.

My robbers start with a bit of a cautious advance...the Hobgoblins do have a starting PWV of 6, and I want to make sure the whittle them down so they can't get too many attacks off on me. Xavy surprises me by speeding Arveiaturace ahead, using the fly-over rules to bypass the cart and the Zhentarim, putting her dead in front of my little green dragon. My giant and the green take out two of the Zhentarim with rocks and poison breath, and I figure I'll be down a green dragon for sure, but Xavy opts instead to fire Magic Missile at me. The Zhentarim fail to injure the green, so I'm left in pretty good shape, considering that Arveiaturace should have killed my green. I notice that Xavy is still playing conservatively with his breath weapons, and I think he felt I had too many dodge options with the green to risk a bite attack. He's also never made a Close Quarters attack with Arveiaturace before, so he's not seen how massively devastating in combat she can truly be.

Turn 3, and I'm still marveling that my green is still alive. While Arveiaturace slowly tries to swing about, my frost giant charges the cart, and my green flies over and lands on the far side of the cart. After the giant smashes it out of the way...and close to Xavy's side of the map...the green uses her Iron Tail Spike to take out another Zhentarim. Morale is taking a toll on them as well. Arveiaturace does let use with her Frost Breath on my dragon cultist, but she proves to be elusive and dodges the attack.

Surrender is apparently not a word the Zhentarim know, as the last two troopers turn to face what turns out to be my entire robber band. While Arveiaturace slowly wheels around, the combined might of my force wipes out the cart's escort.

From here, there's little Xavy can do to stop my forces from running off with the cart, and Arveiaturace doesn't have any fear of Eshaedra's wrath in any case, so I pull off the win. I retake the XP lead, and get the use of the Juggernaut Mantle in future games.

After the battle, the Zhentarim must face Eshaedra, who is not interested in hearing about the insurance policy the Zhentarim took out on her treasure. What does interest her, though, is a bit of information. Namely, the location of the anchor chain of a certain Cloud Giant's fortress. While not a precise location, it does indicate which region this anchor can be located...and is information that Eshaedra's dark mistress will be very happy to posses.

Link to Adventure 3.5
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