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Subject: Battle Scenario #2 rss

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Robert Wilson
New Brunswick
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Hello all

After playing the 1st scenario 3 times I decided to try the 2nd one to see what the bigger ships are like and use the multi ships counters.

The scenario has 3 USN BCs , 3 CLs and 16 DDs versus 4 RN BBs , 2 CLs and 12 DDs. I wasnt too sure about all the rules but I will include the questions along with this report

The strategy was for the USN to surprise the RN and do 3 rounds of combat and then tally up the victory points.

The US started off with the battleline in 1 hex and the DDs in another the RN were all in 2 adjacent hexes and the weather was Mist ( which restricts visibility to 3 hexes) The USN battlegroup was faster so they moved in to 3 range on the RN DDs and 4 from the main group, then basically they blew the RN DDs out of the water with the 27 primary factors of the BCs. ( question: when targeting in GWAS it says that you cant split the firepower up to different targets? does that mean each TYPE of firepower or the ships TOTAL firepower? more on this later) Once the USN got a little closer the battlewagons started to slug it out with their Primary attacks and the BBs rolling terribly . The strategy was for each capital ship to fight one ship each until one was weakened then all try and take one down, this was a decent plan until I realised that the US was at a disadvantage twofold

1: they had 3 ships with 9 firepower each vs the British 4 ships with 12 firepower each
2: the US ships had only light armour vs the british Hvy armoured BBs

anyways on to the session , after 3/4 of the combat round the Saratoga was starting to show some damage mostly due to the rule that lets Primary firepower do extra damage on light or non-armoured hit locations
and the secondary ships (CLs and DDs havent done anything)
Then the Ranger got a critical hit and dropped the Invincible down to speed 1 ( instead of 2) and also knocked out 5 hull. The USN closes in.

Turn 2, and it all got very frantic very quickly, The RN decided to keep the Group together so the invincible didnt get picked off , so the USN closed to point blank range almost immediately, the plan being to get the DDs in close for torpedo salvoes, and so I could roll lots of dice with the secondary firepowers.
The plan almost worked, the RN CLS used their guns to take out 2 DDs, and the big ships went to town on each other and this is where the BBs superior armour won the day . The Saratoga was blown to bits, but not before taking out another 4 hull on the invincible , the Ranger was left as a drifting hulk and the United States was in pretty good shape hull wise but its weapons were decimated. The US CLs took out 1 RN CL and half destroyed the other, the rest of the shots careened off the BBs armour. I used 1 of the BBs to take out some USN DDs but I wasnt sure if I could shoot primaries at 1 target and secondary at another etc, so I used 19 factors on 3 Clemsons ,BOOM all gone. Torpedo fire goes next and the DDs score a few more hits , butthe invincible has 1 hull left and the next round of firepower was coming up.
The United states had 2 primary factors and 1 secondary hit left and rolled 1 hit secondary which only penetrates HVY armour on a 4 , 5 or 6, so I roll a 4, then 11 on the chart. BANG!! lose 2 hull and a movement, the invincible goes to a watery grave as its shells sink its killer!

so after the scenario was over I went through 1 full round and 15 out of 20 steps in round 2, the game was supposed to last 3 rounds and then tally up the victory points.

Score was USN 174 Royal navy 412.

Feel free to add any clarifications for some of my questions/errors

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