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Subject: One Owner Variant rss

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Bill Riptide
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Ever run into the problem where you are the only one who actually owns any Star Trek: Attack Wing game pieces, but you are either trying to introduce the game to new players or teaching new players the ropes? With so many combinations of ships, crew, and other upgrades available to a seemingly limitless game; it may seem overwhelming to work off of the same set, especially once players get the hang of the game and want to start combining things. Between playing with my wife, the true Star Trek fan, and introducing other people to the game while playing off a starter set and a handful of expansions I realized it cab be an exhaustive ordeal to make a unique fleet while fighting over the best-in-class captains and ships based on the current rules. So I made some house rules that can get you by.

Before Playing
-These rules are ideal if you are playing with a single player's collection of Star Trek: Attack Wing components. It is ideal (however not necessary) that the owner of the game has the starter set, and at least one expansion from each starter faction (Romulan, Klingon, Federation) as well as any additional factions required for more than three players. Each should be relatively equally balanced.
Starting Build
-Each player may either choose a faction or randomly select a faction. If any or all players cannot agree on a set faction to play, one movement dial from each faction should be placed in a opaque bag or box and selected at random.
-Each player gets all cards from his/her faction from the collection and the corresponding ships.
-The game master may designate the Squadron points allowed for the match (IE. 50, 80, 100, 150). If a player can not reach within 2 points of the Squadron point limit with the highest point ships and upgrades available to their starting faction (filling all slots), the Squadron point limit reverts to the highest total attainable score with all upgrade on the lowest pointed player. All players reduce their squadron point limit to this amount.
-All players build a 'pre-start' fleet based upon their faction's cards.
-If a ship is selected, the corresponding 'generic' un-named ship card is brought with and placed underneath the named version and vice versa.
-Player's 'pre-start' fleets can not exceed the allowed Squadron points; however, they do not have to match or come close to that amount either.
-Once players have established an initial fleet setup, each player passes the unused cards in their hand, or 'Draft Hand' to the player on their left.
-Players may select any cards from the newly acquired cards. This gives you access to an opposing faction's cards, and you can replace or add them to their fleet, as long as it will not place their fleet over the Squad point limit. You may remove any upgrade or ship from your current fleet to do this, but you must place the corresponding removed card(s) back into your current 'Draft Hand'.
-When passing to the player on your left, any 'discarded' cards are passed along as well.
-Normal 'non-faction' penalties apply to ship building.
-Once decisions have been made, players pass their 'Draft Hand' around to the player on their left and continue to take which cards they want.
-When a player receives his/her starting faction's hand back, he/she may make one final adjustment to their cards (ships and upgrades)
-Once the final decisions have been made to the fleet, proceed as normal.
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Tom Coon
United States
Rhode Island
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Ship models and maneuvering dials are really the only limiting reagents in this context if you're just playing with friends at home.

But aside from that, it's quite possible to not have two of everything and make sure everyone has a fun fleet. If you both want the same captain, just put the card out, remember you're both using them and use one captain chit for each fleet (in fact I never put both captain chits on a ship, it's pointless, so putting one on each ship is easy). The same goes for crew and tech, just proxy- or be aware of your opposing builds.

Of course this is a little different if you take your friends to OPs, but even then people are often willing to lend things at OP events especially for newer players or players who don't own much/if anything of the game.
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