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Subject: The other side's stress rss

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You've seen this image twice:

You've heard the accounts of both members of one team. Now hear the other side!

...yeah, ok, that's a little over-dramatic. I mostly just saw that both the other guys had left reports (they're the two just before this one) when I came here to post mine, and thought I'd reference them before explaining my side of events. It was pretty fun, if unsurprisingly stressful. Well, I say unsurprisingly given what they said and what I know about it in hindsight. At the time, I was curious to see how a real-time analog game would work, and wasn't sure how that would turn out. Well, I should have known from my experience with Bananagrams (off topic, but I had been really hoping to get a session of Hebrew Banagrams from my Hebrew class, but we didn't do it cry ) that it tends to turn out really stressful, especially for anyone particularly competitive.

But it was fun. My team started out in good shape. I kept half an eye on their side of the board to see what they were doing as we rolled away at the dice, and we were able to prepare for their moves. The dice, however, were not kind. Though we repelled their initial assault easily (partially by their own mistakes, admittedly) our counterattack fizzled as we didn't roll the necessary die to pierce their shield. I was, however, able to lay a mine right in their path, which they collided with. The game started to go a little less in our favor, however. A few traded missiles and a tractor beam incident later, the damage score was even. They fired to clear our jammers, which conveniently cleared all their sensor dice as well, allowing us to counterattack without needing many dice of our own, given the range we were at. But again the dice failed us and the missile fizzled. They got on our side and I quickly used a super crystal power that I had been saving up for that moment to shift up the shields on that side to something they would have to get a perfect roll to penetrate... which they promptly did. Ayaiyai.
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