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Ike Clanton painted by me for Wild West Exodus
My first Heroscape battle of the day was vs Tristan on the Frozen Wellspring map with 470 point armies.

I played:
1x Hamato
1x Tagawa Samurai
1x Izumi Smurai
1x Dead Eye Dan
1x Krav Maga Agents

Tristan played:
1x Me Burq Sa
1x Nilfheim
1x Krav Maga Agents
1x Dead Eye Dan
1x Shotgun Sullivan

This game started off more in Tristan's favor I believe. Me Burq Sa was capable of negating the high defense and stealth dodge that my units had. All of his units had range also, so that muted my counterstrike for the most part. I thought things looked pretty grim, and in the beginning of the game I believe I was getting the raw end of the stick with a coupld of my Krav falling, and my Izumi being shot off.

Then the tables started to turn. One of my Krav with hieght killed his Dead Eye Dan in one shot. His Nilfheim attacked one of my samurai with height and whiffed on his attack. I came back with two shields and two Einar symbols, and since Hamato was within 8 clear sight spaces, Nilfheim took four wounds from his attack. Those wounds ended up not mattering though when my Dead Eye Dan took the opportunity to sharp shoot Nilfheim right between the eyes and put him out of his misery. I also took control of the glyph of Valda and was able to engage his Krav and Me Burq Sa with my Tagaw, and soon my bloodlust was up to 3, and my Tagawa went ahead and finished off the last Cowboy.

It was a good game that I honestly think Tristan should have won when matching the armies up, but I didn't really make many mistakes and the dice were on my side.

My next game was on the Siege of Babican map with Joe. We used the ambush scenario starting points on each side with the castle door open. We also made both sides have even hieght. The battle was waged with 560 point armies.

My army was:
1x Acolarh
1x Syvvaris
1x Morsbane
2x Aubrien Archers
2x Warriors of Ashra

His army was the dreaded Blastatron Gladiatron combo:
1x Major X17
1x Syvvaris
and some combination of Blast and Gladiatrons

This battle didn't go real well for me. Acolarh's ability never worked, and I didn't frenzy near enough. His army also did not contain enough targets for Morsbane, and with the Gladiatrons, there was no chance of Morsbane even getting close to them.

My third and final battle of the day was vs. Charlie on Table of the Giants with 500 point armies.

I had:
1x Airborne Elite
1x Theracus
1x Brunak
1x Finn
1x Thorgrim
1x Kelda

He had:
1x Sir Gilbert
1x Allistair
2x Knights of Weston
2x 4th Massachusetts Line

This game went very well for me. I dropped my Airborne Elite onto the table on teh first turn, and they began a reign of terror upon my enemies. Knights and Minute Men fell all about the battle field. Allistair was able to over extend and got himself into position to take out one of my poor Airborne Elite, but that would be all the losses for my glorious army. The Airborne Elite all on their own protected the rest of my army while decimating the entirety of my opponent's army.

This was a tough game for Charlie, but I think he gave up as soon as the AE dropped. I feel that he could have done a little bit better if he wouldn't have lost all hope immediately. I usually don't take the Airborne, because they tend to be hit or miss type unit that either works really well or not at all, and I have a hard time justifying the 110 point cost on a unit that may or may not work out. They fit well in this army though, so I ran with them and it worked out well for me this time.

Another good day of Scaping was done, and I can't wait for another.
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