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Blake Mathieson
Western Australia
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Hi Robinson Crusoe fans, this is a session report, from my blog, a Turn In The Game Of..., if you want to see more session reports from me, click on my username and click on blogs, you should find all of The a Turn In The Game Of... blogs there. Thank you, how let's begin.

Hello, I finally managed to get Robinson Crusoe out on the table, and after many days, this post is finally going up. To give you a bit of background before we start the session report, I am playing volcano island with two players, the explorer and the cook. We have Friday as per usual rules and the parrot from the Voyage Of The Beagle expansion. Currently we have five out of the six tiles we need explored and only one temple searched, although we have another waiting on our camp tile waiting to be explored. We have a shelter and our morale is at the highest level. Without further ado, let's begin.

Event. Phase:
We draw the thunderstorm event, this causes us to place a grey adventure token on the gathering deck and the ability causes us to lose the wood source on our camp tile. Lucky we found a hatchet in an abandoned temple. We can resolve the event by using an action pawn and a shovel.

Morale. Phase:
The cook is the first player, and he is going to receive four determination, two from the morale level and two from the parrot. He now has eight determination.

Production Phase:
We only produce one food because of that thunderstorm but we have a few boosters. Our shortcut leading out to the plains gives us one food and the hatchet we found previously provides an extra wood. Total resources gained: two food and one wood. Total resources after production: 6 wood, 1 fur and 2 food.

Action Phase (Planning):
We have only discovered three temples and five tiles, so I think we should focus on exploring. So Friday and the previously built map are going out to search for a new tile. Meanwhile, the explorer is leading the cook to try and defeat our bad fate event card. The explorer is also going to follow the cook in exploring the ruined village on our camp tile. Now let's go to resolution.

Action Phase (Resolution):
The explorer and the cook defeat the bad date event card which gives the explorer one determination.

Now the explorer is going to do what he does best, exploring. Because of our scenario specific minus one worker token on the exploration action field, we have to roll the dice even though we used the explorer and the cook. The results are coming in... Success and adventure. We activate success first. This means we have explored the village, we have two out of the three explorations we need now. But we need to flip over four mystery cards... A scorpion! We don't have the cure so the cook tales three wounds. But that is no beating a cook can't handle, onto mystery no. 2... Blankets! That can ignore three snow clouds, awesome. Mystery no. 3 is... Hidden rope, that will decrease our weapons from 1 to zero. Not too bad, but now for mystery no. 4... Ropes, this lets us increase our roof level from zero to one. This is good because in round five we have a bit of rain coming for us. Now for the adventure, the remains of a settlement! We can plunder the settlement, but always stay on the safe side I say, so we don' plunder it. Now for Friday's exploration.

Friday only used two pawns and so we roll the dice... A wound, a success and an adventure (which for Friday is a wound). Friday doesn't want to die so he will use his ability to re-roll the wound die... And no wounds this time, awesome! So Friday takes a wound from the adventure icon, and before he reveals the tile, the explorer is going to use reconnaissance to make sure we find a hill with fish and wood, plus a discovery, but most importantly, a mystery icon, letting us explore a hidden cave next round. Thanks Friday, oh, by the way, the discovery was a good old treasure, great job.

Weather Phase:
Before weather we're going to use our treasure discovery to find a... treasure map, interesting. We do have to roll the orange weather die though, and we roll a... single raincloud, which is cancelled out by our roof.

Night Phase:
We have two food to feed our adventurers, so nothing happens there, but we are going to move our shelter to the more resourceful hill we just found so we can't be covered by lava. Since we are in a shelter, we get no wounds, nine of our food rots and the first player marker passes to the explorer, who will lead us in round six.

Keep at your screens, once the game is done I will tell you whether we won or lost.

Edit: Volcano Island has been defeated, victory is finally mine, and the cook's I guess. Oh, by the way, keep reading to see the next review, something from WABA April.
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