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"Your results are back: it's negative", is that a bad thing?
gilford wrote:

With Just That --- I able to make good Jedi and Smugglers sets? Those are the hands I want to play (maybe even mix them for team ups- storywise).

Short Answer: YES.

You can easily put together decks for the Jedi and Smugglers using only those expansions. While the two Deluxe expansions you mention, EoD and BtS, are both good, you own enough "stuff" to put together decent decks for those factions, though your Smugglers decks will be suboptimal, in my opinion.

d10-1 JEDI ninja
The Jedi from the Core are decent and the Echoes cycle was *very* kind to the Jedi.
Consider these:
1 x A Hero's Journey (Core)
1 x The Secret of Yavin IV (Core)
1 x A Journey to Dagobah (Core)
2 x The Flight of The Crow(Echoes: Knowledge and Defense)
2 x May the Force Be With You (Echoes: Join Us or Die)
2 x Ties of Blood (Echoes: It Binds All Things)
1 x A Deep Commitment (Echoes: Darkness and Light)

d10-2 Smugglers arrrh
1 x Questionable Contacts (Core)
1 x Hit and Run (Core)
1 X Last Defense of Hoth (Hoth: Assault on Echo Base)
2 x Renegade Squadron Mobilization (Hoth: The Search for Skywalker)
2 x A Wookiee's Journey (Echoes: It Binds All Things)
1 x Along the Gamor Run (Echoes: Knowledge and Defense)
2 x The False Report (Echoes: Heroes and Legends)

gilford wrote: secondary deck interest for the Baddies is S&V and maybe Navy (maybe Sith)...possible?

Absolutely. Your Scum deck will be solid (relatively speaking), even without the deluxe expansions which "Focus" on them. Navy has great pods in the core and Hoth cycle.

d10-3 Scum zombie
1 x The Bespin Exchange (Core)
1 x Corporate Exploitation (Core)
1 x Reconnaissance Mission (Core)
2 X Lucrative Contract (Hoth: Assault on Echo Base)
1 x Jabba's Orders (Hoth: The Search For Skywalker)
2 x The Droid's Task (Echoes: It Binds All Things)
2 X The Findsman's Intuition (Echoes: Lure of the Dark Side)

gilford wrote:

I'm assuming my Jedi + Imperials are covered.

Not sure what you mean, here. You can certainly make Jedi decks. And you can certainly make Imperial Navy decks. But you can't make a Jedi AND Navy combined deck (I mean, I guess if you are playing solo *anything* is possible, I suppose). But within the game rules, Light side factions combine with other light siders and Dark side factions combine with other dark siders.

gilford wrote:
I KNOW "EDGE" builds SMugglers, and BtS builds S&V
But is it needed? Will Hoth & Echoes fill that in?
Is there enough Rebel/Smuggler in Hoth, and Jedi + SV or something in Echoes?

I'm pretty sure Hoth & Echoes will "TELL a better Narrative"

Thanks again.......

Hoth tells a great narrative, true. Recreating Battles of Hoth is every Star Wars fan's idea of fun. However, Edge of Darkness has a great narrative as well, including iconic characters from the movies like Lando, Chewy, Greedo, and the Falcon.

gilford wrote:
PS--- I'm confused what the Cycle "vs" Deluxe offers - in the way of Characters, Units/Equipment, and Objectives

Overall, there is little overall difference other than marketing. You'll get objectives, characters/units, enhancements, etc, no matter which expansion you get.

Deluxe Expansions:
---More Cards (for example EoD comes with 132)
---More unique sets than individual 'cycle' releases
---Released less frequently
---Generally focus on 1 LS and 1 DS faction while providing one pod for each of the other factions
--Usually cost around 2 x any individual 'cycle' release (22-25$ on Amazon Prime)

Cycle Expansions:
---60 Cards
---Except for the 'Limit 1 per Deck' pods, you get two of each objective set in the cycles, which means you won't have to buy two of any one 'cycle' release (though Deluxe BtS also did this)
---Over the course of the cycle, each faction will get a similar number of pods; though how *strong* those pods are depends on the cycle (I'm looking at you Jedi from Echoes)
---Released relatively frequently
---Usually cost 1/2 as much as the Deluxe (about 10-14$ on Amazon Prime)

So, if you do the math, getting 1 deluxe expansion will give you more 'bang for your buck' than getting two individual cycle releases.

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