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Subject: Ogre Kingdoms on the field! rss

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Benjamin Bottorff
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The following is a report of the first three Ogre games played on Vassal.

I’m going to apologize for how sparse the screenshots are. I can only say that it’s sometimes hard to remember to take screenshots in the middle of a fast moving battle. I also appologise if I don't spell characters names right. I'm not great with names to begin with and a lot of them are unfamiliar to me.

So without further adieu, the Ogres take to the field:

Battle One: Ogres vs Empire/Wood elves:

The Ogres led by Greases and Golgfag approached an odd alliance of Empire and Wood elves led by Luther and Drycha. The ogres came with two identical regiments, masses of bulls and a couple leadbelchers in support. A supremely slow moving army but with massive endurance and running cards to take advantage of it (Horde of the Maw, Trample’Em, Bloodgorger, and Wall of Guts). The empire was running two knights panther and two bright wizards and Drycha came with two dryads and two war dancers (Inspire, Arcane Assault, Fulminating Cage, Rally).

The Alliance won the roll and claimed initative and the board began to be unfold. The ogres quickly snatched up charge as their scenario over Advancing Lines. They then opted for forward reinforcement in the form of a scout deployment zone into a windmill, in the meanwhile the empire began forming a bottleneck of rough terrain to give the dryads a strong position. The last bit of terrain you’ll see here is a fairly powerful terrain ‘The Lost Monument’. Disks overlapping it become empowered when an enemy pins them and if any player controls it at the end of the game they gain +1/2 victory points.

There was the usual unfolding and positioning of armies at the start. the ogres advancing as rapidly as they could to secure the monument. Drycha was able to punish some of the ogres for their presumptions with a powerful unstable arcane assault which wounded the leadbelchers and burnt her slightly.

The next round started off with Drycha repeating her performance down the the instability of the blast, roasting the leadbelchers off the monument. She then decided that it’d not be a good idea to remain close to the enemy thus so badly wounded and retreated to the back line. In the meanwhile the Horde pressed forward and the Alliance stalled and bided their time.

But just as the round was about to tend the Alliance made several opportunistic strikes. It began with a bright wizard with uncanny luck with his cage wounding yet another ogre. Then a knight swing around the side and impacted two ogres (including the injured one) only to be rallied by Luther to do it again. Then after all Oges save one were activated. Luther himself took to the field to pin both enemy heroes while the other knights swung around the other side to harass the bulls on the flank. The remaining ogre made a valiant effort to do something about Luther but we all know how much of a beast he is once he gets rolling.

The carnage was devestating. Three ogres were dead, two more units and a hero were wounded and for the empire only Luther had taken permanent harm. Even worse, the alliance knew that all they needed to go first was to play a bold card (as the ogres had neglected to have a devious card). The remaining ogres were summarily pinned and the Ogres reluctantly forced to surrender.

Aftermath: Charge is a very good scenario for the ogres however even with it and Trample’em they were never able to get any pins and the alliance were able to mount a savage counterattack which was blessed with good rolls.

Game 2: Ogres vs Tomb Kings

One good user made faction deserves another and this time the tomb kings took to the field led by Khalida and Khatep. The ogres were this time led by Bragg and Skulg and featured scads of gnoblar supporting a couple bulls, an irongut, a slaughter master, and a gorger (Trample’em, Trollguts, Blood Gorger, and Lure). The tomb king player, realized that tomb guard were practically built to kill ogers and grafted them into a strong shooter based army with five cards due to Khatep (Chosen of Qu’apath, Arrows of Asp, Curse of the Pharaoh, Lore of Nekkatah, Inspire).

This time the ogres won the roll an opted for the warhammer. Given the choice between Fearless and Advancing Lines, the tomb kings opted for fearless and as there were no creatures with fear on the field the scenario was practically null. Deployment zones were set with the tomb kings simply grabbing as much deployment as they could and the ogres splitting their forces. Terrain was then drafted. The tomb kings tried to set a farmstead in a forward position for their archers but were blocked by a cave and a lake so they grabbed the moment and trusted that the ogres would come to them.

The armies unfolded as normal. With arrows of asp and khalida’s special, the tomb kings were able to poison Bragg but troll guts fixed him right back up. The ogres clustered in the caves and the chariots and skeleton archers took to the flanks.

The second turn began with the ogres playing Trample’Em and rolling the dice to see how much trampling they could do. Trample they could, two sixes and a four sped massive ogres crashing into the tomb king lines. Bragg coming in last with a side used the bulls that had come ahead of him as a bridge to run over the tomb king guardians to pin Khatep.

The tomb kings immediately responded to this sudden threat. The necrotech ran over to help khatep survive and Khalida donned her status as the Chosen to make poison into a damage debuff for nearby enemies. Spells and missiles began to rain down on the ogres with varying levels of success as the horde continued to trundle forward trying to get into position to support those who had charged on far ahead. One of the chariots swing around the back to pick off a globular straggling after the army, the other one skirted around the fray to help finish wounding Bragg. At the last moment the curse of the pharaoh came down on Bragg poisoning him and bringing his damage below the necrotech boosted health of Khatep.

The ensuing scrum was bloody but with the tomb kings coming out better. An empowered tomb guard was able to take out an ogre bull in a single exchange while brag only netted himself a skeleton archer for his sacrifice. In the meanwhile Khalida wounded the irongut with a swift attack but doing so removed the poison on it bringing its attack back up to what was needed to wound her.


The next round, the ogres renewed their assault determined to pin and destroy the tomb guard that’d been causing them so much trouble but in this they were again thwarted by the necrotech who hurried to boost the tomb guards regeneration above the damage of Skrag. More ogres and gnoblar streamed into the scrum keeping Khatep pinned. In the meanwhile the archers continued to skirt around the edge firing aspen arrows into the fray.

The gorger finally made an appearance just in time to eat a curse to the face and then a follow-up blast from the liche priest, leaving him at 4 damage and poisoned. The tomb king chariots then made one final counter attack and were able to rescue the necrotic and hit the slaughter master with an offshot ensuring their mutual death with the skeletons.

Khalida was able to finish the iron guts but perished under the pressure from the bulls. In the meanwhile the tomb guard relentlessly hacked at Skragg until he was wounded and Khatep and some gnoblar traded blows resulting in dead gnoblar and a wounded Khatep.

At this point the ogres were a bit out of steam and their end was immediately cemented when they failed to go first. The gorger was finished and all their remaining threats were pinned. The bulls remained onto Khatep but as the hero could empower himself and the bulls had no such path the second tomb king hero would remain standing. In the meanwhile the archers continued toward the enemy deployment zone as was the tomb king objective. Once again the Ogre were forced to surrender.

Overall: The sudden speed that Trample’Em can give is rather startling though in this case I think that it was a mistake to put your spearhead that far ahead of your support leaving you completely surrounded by tomb kings. Tomb guard are rather nasty for chewing through ogre beef.

Game 3: Ogres vs Empire:

Once again the ogres readied themselves for battle. This time it was Skrag and Greasus at the helm and their army featured two firebellies, a few bulls, and miscellaneous support (Inspire, Eager Troops, Aura of Flame, Wall of Guts). The empire was running Volkmar and Franz with a core of mixed infantry and a tank, pistoleers, and knights in support (Myradins blessing, Eager troops, Lure, Grim Resolve).

This time the empire won the roll but opted to give the warhammer to the ogre and soon found himself picking between Wild Magic and Champions arise. Wild magic is a user made scenario where any character that takes arcane damage and survives becomes empowered. Perhaps noting that I had magicians and he didn’t, or perhaps believing that ogre heroes are a pain enough as it is, opted for wild magic.

The battle proved itself to be somewhere in a very rough area as hills, caves, swamps, and a massive bastian, filled the center of the field. Bastian is another user made terrain and is a donut shaped terrain large enough for a large disk to fit into the center. It is defensive, blocks LoS, and is rough. The two forces deployed and the empires scouts claimed a side of the bastian.

Again the armies spent most for the first turn getting into position. The scrap launcher took a position on the hill along with some globular and a fiercely. In the last moves of the round a tank came and blew the gnoblar away with an accurate shot.

The bastian was about to get a lot more crowded. The firebelly ran forward and used it’s aura of flames to weaken the tank and Franz. (and empowering both though this was forgotten at the time) The scrap launcher followed up with a shot to finish wounding the emperor and an ogre bull pinned the tank to stop it from trampling the firebelly. After that it was an all out brawl with unit streaming in to pin anything they thought they could get some damage on. The pistoleers swung around and took some missed shots at the saber tusk another ogre bull pinned the tank thinking that the 3 damage from the aura of flame +1 from ogre charge would be enough to wound it (forgetting that it was empowered from the wild magic). When the firebelly became pinned it unactivated and bided its time until about the point that things looked like this.

He then blasted the saber tusks, splashing onto the knights and ensuring a trade there. In the meanwhile the remaining disks got into position to fight next turn save the marienburg swordsmen who got a little over ambitious and charged the bulls on the bastian while they had wall of guts up. This proved fatal as everyone on the bastian had swift counter leading to their futile death. Last of all Franz decided that he needed to save his tank wounding the bull that had first pinned it. The resulting scrum boiled down both armies but the ogres had beef to burn while their opponents had no such luxury.


The next round the empire managed to steal first move and began pinning high threat enemies. It seemed like the round would be over in two cards as there were few units unpinned or unactivated but the ogres had a plan. A gnoblar pinned the pistiolier and a swordsmen and the fire belly on the hill blasted it finishing off the pistoleers and harming/empowering the swordsmen. The on the next card the firebelly on the bastian blasted the ogre bulls pinning the tank thus finishing the swordsmen (who’d been pinning them) and leaving the bulls to charge franz. As the Empire had gone earlier in the turn, this left the tank unpinned and so a card would be played. The ogres brought out the aura of flame and wiped the tank out before it could be activated.

Volkmar took out his ogre bulls but the other bulls were able to take down Franz as they died. Greasus took a wound swatting halberdiers and neither Skrag nor a great sword could make headway against each other.

At the start of the forth round the Empire moved first again but it was already too late. The ogres had cleaned the field leading to the empires surrender at the end of the forth round with this board state.

Victory at last for the Ogre Kingdoms!

Aftermath: The ogres are slow, tactically awkward, and surprisingly difficult to deal damage with but they are brawl masters. With firebellies near the front being able to deal damage while being pinned they were able to press on with their stamina and claim the field. Not that this tactic isn’t somewhat costly but it was able to work for them this time.

Overall: The ogres have a very unique play style and I hope to get some more opportunities to experiment with them. I had a lot of fun and we didn’t even get to see all of the units they can field or how they play against very many factions. Some tweaking to them (and to be fair, probably the tomb kings as well) is needed but it takes games like these to really show where.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this. If you want a copy of the vassal module with the ogre kings, you can find a link to it in the ogre kings thread.
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Pavel Benc
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Great work!
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