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On April 26th, my son and I attended an Imperial Assault (IA) tournament under the banner of an overall event called The Stele Open (www.steleopen.com) held at a Hyatt hotel near Dulles Airport just outside of Washington, D.C. I discovered the event through a posting on the Imperial Assault Mission Support Group on Facebook which has proven to be a great resource for tournament information. My thanks to the fine folks who put on this well-run tournament simultaneously with a 180-point Armada tournament. In total, there were 13 players in the IA tournament and we played a total of four missions. At the end of the fourth round, the winner was chosen based on points; we didn’t cut to any kind of bracket which was fine for such a casual tournament.

I’d also like to thank the three people (he had the second round bye) that played my 10-year-old son who played in the tournament with his own squad. It was his first tournament and he said everyone treated him well, didn’t talk down to him, and routinely gave him suggestions of more tactical moves to make. I had the third round bye and was impressed with his opponent’s understanding that it’s really all about just giving him a positive environment in which to play so he continues to look upon our gaming hobby as something positive. My son won that game and I really didn’t get the impression that his opponent intentionally threw the game to let a kid win. Kudos to Chris K for that.

As for tournament structure, the TO followed FFG’s tournament rules by pulling a core set mission card for everyone to play that round. In order we played:

Round 1 - Get to the Ship
Round 2 - Lost Knowledge (My son had the bye this round.)
Round 3 - Close to Home (I had the bye this round.)
Round 4 - Leave No Evidence

My kids and I have played through nearly the entire core set campaign with only the final mission left to go but my skirmish mode experience is pretty low. Given that, my son and I played a practice game the day before the tournament to test drive the squads we selected:

My 10-Year-Old Son’s Squad (http://ia-armies.com/army/cWrxNPdE):

- Darth Vader
- Elite Stormtrooper Group
- Royal Guard Group
- Elite Imperial Officer
- Command Card deck listed out at the above link.

My Squad (http://ia-armies.com/army/Fkm7TeGs):

- IG-88
- Elite Trandoshan Hunter Group
- Trandoshan Hunter Group
- Temporary Alliance
- Elite Rebel Saboteurs
- Gideon Argus
- Command Card deck listed out at the above link.

In the first round, we played “Get to the Ship” and I played against an almost mirror list except he used two Nexus in place of the regular Trandoshan Hunters. This gave him the slightly higher number of activations but meant I could mill more of his command cards with all my scum activations possessing the Relentless ability. I had initiative and rushed towards the ship. On his turn, the only unit that could reach me was an elite Nexu which I destroyed on my next turn. However, despite burning through his second Nexu in order to deny him parking the big kitty on top of the ship (because of his Mobile ability), he slowly gained momentum in holding more of the ship than me. I lost 40 to 14. At the end, I considered that I might have fared better if I hung back slightly at first and let him get into the room first.

In the second round, we played Lost Knowledge and I played against a list containing Royal Guard Champion, 2 Royal Guards, 2 Elite Imperial Officers and 1 regular Imperial Officer. The Royal Guards along with their champion ran circles around me snapping up holocrons and running them into the end zone with ease. We played it that a figure needed to interact with the holocron to pick it up but just needed to get into an adjacent space to the communications beacon to score the 10 points. In hindsight, this made the Royal Guards crazy good at their job but from rereading the Lost Knowledge card I still feel we called it right based on the wording. I just wish the card used the word “interact” somewhere to add clarity. I lost 42-0 and suffered through watching the Royal Guard Champion unleash a “Flurry of Blades” on IG-88 to drop him in a single turn after the Royal Guard Champion got into position because of an Imperial Officer conga line. Ouch.

I had the bye in Round 3.

In Round 4, we played Leave No Evidence and I played against a list with Luke, Fenn, Gideon, Mak, an Elite Rebel Trooper group and a Rebel Trooper group. I started this round off well by rushing towards the excavation sites and killing any Rebel Trooper that popped his head up. I tried to use my Trandoshan Hunters to get into the fight up close to increase their damage thanks to their scatterguns and deny my opponent the excavation sites. Around Round 3, I decided to run IG-88 over to the Communications Beacon to start raining down airstrikes which dealt good damage to Luke and Fenn but my mistake was using my biggest dude to handle this task. I should have given the task to Gideon but my opponent’s Gideon was closing in and I wanted to make sure I could hold the beacon before it turned into a Gideon vs Gideon slap fight. I lost 42 to 12.

My intent in the list I built was to capitalize on the Relentless ability to burn my opponent’s commands cards and start causing direct damage. While I was constantly denying my opponents cool tricks on their command cards, I never decked anyone to start causing some real damage. I hope the upcoming Hired Guns expansion pack figures have Relentless so I can get more opportunities to mill cards or perhaps I should pull IG-88 out and replace with more Trandoshans. I’ll have to continue to think this one through to make Relentless a viable strategy. I could have used a Devious Scheme to help me out as well as I ended up with initiative every time.

My son learned a good lesson as well. When he choose a four activation list, I tried to explain the merits of more activations so you don’t run out of units before your opponent gets to take multiple turns in a row but he wanted that elite officer to gain an additional attack and wanted his Stormtroopers to be more sticky than their regular counterparts. On the drive home, he commented that he needed more cards in his list because his opponent had free run of the board and could just avoid Vader as opposed to engaging him. Hey, if he learned the lesson of activation economy through trial and error than that’s a tournament win to me.

I thought I would see more lists with Vader but only my son and one other person fielded the Dark Lord of the Sith. The Royal Guard Champion had a pretty good showing as well but I didn’t see any one list dominate. Someone even had an AT-ST out. I ran the Elite Saboteurs because I was expecting a lot of big gun characters but I never actually took any of them down.

It was a great afternoon of gaming with my son and despite my horrible standings in the tournament (my son placed higher due to winning a game), we had a lot of fun and learned a lot about this great game. Thanks again to the Stele Open organizers for such a fun event with some excellent custom prizes along with the FFG tournament kit.
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Dee Dub
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Nice write up! I think you guys played Lost Knowledge correctly. The rule book states that you must perform an interact to retrieve a token. Since there's no rule about using an action to discard a token, you just have to be in the adjacent space to drop it off.

Rulebook page 22

Retrieving Tokens
Some missions allow figures to retrieve specific tokens. A figure
adjacent to or in the same space as the token can perform an
interact to retrieve the token. Place the token on the figure’s base
to mark that the figure is now carrying that token. The token now
moves with the figure.
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Jon Brook
United States
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Thanks for posting. I would love to see a report by one of the winners.

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