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SEATTLE, WA – May 1, 2015 – From the beginning, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment has been a creator distributed and fan supported company. With the help of the ZOE community, they've been able to make some awesome shows. Zombie Orpheus now has at least four new original series they hope to create pilots for this Summer, with release scheduled for Fall 2015. Today, they launched a Kickstarter in order to raise the funds needed to produce each new original series: http://pilotseason.zombieorpheus.com/

Stuck and miserable in our mundane world, fantasy heroes Rogar, Newmoon, Nimble, and Magellan find a chance to return home when The Shadow opens a portal from Earth to Fartherall. Now they must decide whether to return home or stay here and thwart The Shadow's devious plan.

Featuring the returning cast from the original The Gamers, the worldwide cult hit that inspired The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, The Gamers: Hands of Fate, and The Gamers: Humans & Households, this series returns to Dead Gentlemen's roots with a focus on comedy, fun, and gaming… lots of gaming!

When a group of nerdy kids discover an urban legend (The Mirror Game) being played online is actually true, and is being used to open a portal between worlds for the great old ones; those terrifying beings written about by H.P. Lovecraft, they find themselves drawn into a mystery they can't resist. But, being teenagers, of course nobody believes them, and so they set out to save the world themselves, adventuring through the mirror and encountering cultists, monsters, and adventures at every turn as they try to stop the portal from opening, defeat the great old ones, and find their way back home in time for dinner.

Producer Ben Dobyns says, "The Mirror Game is a co-production between Zombie Orpheus and Gravestone Entertainment. After meeting over bad coffee at a SeaTac Denny's, we realized that we shared many common interests and business ideals. When Gravestone pitched The Mirror Game to us as a cross between The Goonies and H.P. Lovecraft, we were hooked!"

The Brass family, a 19th century clan of celebrated geniuses, follow their arch-nemesis via a time machine into the 21st century, and must find the villain in a confusing and chaotic new world. Eventually they discover that our world is the dystopian future that their enemy has created, and so must decide whether to travel back in time to destroy our present world to save their past.

A co-production between Zombie Orpheus and Battleground Productions, BRASS is an ambitious original series with a multi-platform release strategy. In addition to the series, productions within the BRASS universe include a serialized radio drama, live theatrical events, and original fiction.

A formerly kick-ass agent for the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch, Gabriel has been grounded. Now he runs the Brotherhood's HR department—managing Demon Hunters, monsters who have come over to the side of the light, and a new recruit who would rather be in the field.

Based on Dead Gentlemen's original Demon Hunters movies, this comedy mashes up The Office with Supernatural for a look behind the scenes at the world's greatest demon hunting organization. Developed and written by Christian Doyle, Red Tape is funny, irreverent, and a great companion to Dead Gentlemen's upcoming roleplaying game.
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