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Subject: [Regional] Faraos Cigarer, Copenhagen - 29 players rss

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Jake Helms
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In case you can't wait, copy-paste this and see where I ended up in the standings.
First place!

My goals for this tournament was to:
1) meet up with old pals and chat
2) have a rematch against Sebastian, the current Nordic Champion. At the Malmö Store Championship he beat me in the finals after we split in swiss and I put him in the losers bracket, so our current record is 3-2 in his favor.
3) Win the tournament. I've been putting in plenty of practice and I want to have an edge, a first-round-bye, come the Nordic Championship.

I am playing these two decks:
I have been putting in plenty of practice with Kate. It is a good deck, but it is not as easy to pilot as one would think. RP is just something I've been tweaking since november. Playing it that much definitely helps, as you can generally, at a glance, guess what Ice you have a chance of drawing, etc. Helps a lot with your gameplan. Let's go. Beware - this gets a bit long.

Round 1
I have a bye after winning our local Store Championship two months ago. I spent it with a lovely lady -getting out of bed late, having a shower and eat brunch on a sunny terrace. That always helps with tournaments. I arrive at around 11:15 AM. Considering that sign-ups started at 9:30AM, I am pretty sure that this will give me an edge in the long run.

Round 2 – Adam - Reina & NBN Butchershop
Adam has been playing for a month or two less than I have, but we are both seasoned players and I expect to see Adam in any top cut for any tournament. We've been practicing together, which has been in my favor, but Adam has been putting in a lot of Reina games lately, so I am not sure how this will go. Last time we played each other in a tournament was the Store Championship in Malmö, where I defeated Adam 4-0 in round 2.

I run first. Adam builds up and I do the same, making a run on a remote server with a 1-advanced card – an NAPD. Looking at our credits, I decide that the game would be largely unfavourable if I was hit by Midseasons this early, and I neglect to steal it. I later steal a TGTBT from the same server, removing the tag. Adam goes for 2 economy cards and a Midseasons, putting up a trace 24 while I am at 19 credits. I decide to take 24 tags and spent my turn making sure he can't play Scorched Earth next turn.
I know I am dead on my next turn, so I decide to use a Clone Chip for Parasite on an Universal Connectivity Fee on Archives. There are actually some agendas, putting me at 5 or 6 points. Close, but not good enough. I make a Hail Mary Same Old Thing The Maker's Eye-run, losing all my credits to an already-rezzed Universal Connectivity Fee and the second card is an AstroScript that wins me the game. Close one!

Adam starts out slow against RP, doesn't get an early Xanadu and I am good at the Psi Games, so I just score him out as RP does. 4-0 against Adam in round 2 again - almost feeling bad about that.

Round 3 – Sebastian – Andromeda and RP
There we go. After splitting the last time and some solid playing against Adam, I am out for blood and this seems the perfect time to show Sebastian there's no way he's taking the trophy this time. He wins the dice roll and decides to Corp. My Andromeda couldn't win against him last time – but that's why I'm rocking Kate now. This can only be interesting and I couldn't be happier to play some high-class Netrunner.

I get a good opening with Professional Contacts and some fine economy, including a Pre-Paid VoicePad. A lot of setup on both sides, of course. I am attacking R&D while Sebastian has a Sundew + unknown upgrade in a double-iced remote server. I get to trash a Caprice or two from R&D, so I am quite happy.
At one point, he trashes the Sundew, putting down an Agenda and surviving it once. Can't let him have that Nisei, but I am suspecting a NAPD as I am not that high set on money currently.
I use Professional Contacts, use my PrePaid VoicePads for a Dirty Laundry on an un-protected R&D, then run his remote. It's Komainu into Lotus Field. I pay 2 with my Mimic to the Komainu, losing 3 cards – two I didn't need and my one-of Vamp. Sebastian looks at them for a bit while I contemplate the situation. I fetch a Cyber-Cypher, knowing that the upgrade is an Ash, since he would've had to rez Caprice Nisei it this point. He traces me to put me just outside of NAPD-range if I pay for it. I decline the trace, trash the Ash, run again and pay 4 for the NAPD. I could have used my on-table Deus X at some point, but simply paying 4 with Mimic and losing 3 cards was the better move.

Sebastian gets back on his economic feet quickly by putting a Sundew in the remote server and using Interns on Caprice, while I draw up (which just feels good when you're playing Professional Contacts). I establish an economic superiority and drop a Same Old Thing, making sparse runs on R&D, finding nothing but the two other copies of Caprice – which is great, but not exactly agendas. Considering two Jacksons have been removed at this point it's pretty great, though.
Sebastian trashes the Sundew for the install-advance, after having put 1 or two more pieces of Ice in front of the server. I am sure he has some nasty Ice that will keep me out, and with a Caprice behind it's not exactly nice. It's great, because we're both smiling at this situation. Sebastians facial expression changes as I go for the Same Old Thing Vamp, though – putting him to zero, I effortlessly run through his server, trashes the third Caprice and steal a Nisei. Sebastian clicks for 3 and I play The Maker's Eye on R&D, trashing the third Jackson.
Sebastian has no upgrades or recursion (maybe a single Interns) left, while I have 3 PrePaid VoicePads, a Professional Contacts and a Levy in my hand, so it's looking bleak. I quickly find a The Future Perfect and win the Psi game for the win. Sebastian throws a ”well played, man” my way and we move on to the rematch.

The last time I played RP versus his Andromeda he Account Siphoned me to death. This does not happens this time, however. He gets Zu and Corroder down early, but I get an Enhanced Login Protocol and start scoring out my Niseis. Sebastian does find a Datasucker and play Emergency Shutdown on a Tollbooth I have on R&D, but it's still a 7-0 or 7-2 victory with no danger.
4-3 against Sebastian in total, 12 out of 12 Prestige at this event and a clear first place. Great start.

Round 4 – Jens – MaxX and NEH Fast-Advanced.
Jens is the best player in Aarhus, and he makes the trip over to Copenhagen for larger tournaments. Last time I saw him was Nordic last year, where we did not play.

I Corp first against Jens. I suspect he's playing Eater-Keyhole and my hand looks good. Cortex Lock on HQ, Sundew in a remote and Himitsu-Bako for protection. I know he's running Morning Star, but I don't suppose he has many ways to find it, so it seems pretty great.
Jens tells me that's ballsy, and I agree. He puts down Keyhole, uses it twice, finding two Niseis and stealing them on click 4. Not exactly the RP start you want. Out of two Niseis and down 0-4 after turn 1 with a Keyhole and no protection for R&D.
I do however find an Eli or Lotus Field or something, which does put a stop on the Keyhole for a while. I am sitting with 3 cards in hand and thinking it looks quite great – a trifecta. The Future Perfect, Ash and Caprice. Next turn is probably just going to be triple-install behind an Eli I have in a remote server. However, good plans deserve good counters, so Jens' plays Wanton Destruction and destroys my hand.
I dig for Jackson to or some Archives protection, because having a The Future Perfect out there isn't great. Jens plays a Day Job or something, while I find no Archives portection, nor Jackson. I do however get Caprice + Nisei into my scoring server, advancing it once. Jens goes for the Archives run and we Psi game a few times. It's hectic and my heart is pumping, but I keep on winning them.
I think I leave the Nisei on the table as I need some amazing Archives protection or I'm just gonna lose. Draw, draw, install Crick on Archives.
This is why Crick is excellent and I am happy that Breaker Bay was allowed. Jens hasn't played against it before and is naturally a bit confused. He has Eater down, but do you pay 5 and not access anything or do you just let it fire? It fires and I return the Ash, rezzing it and going for a trace 5 or 6 – if Jens pays he goes to 1 credit so he can't steal The Future Perfect. He declines paying the trace, doesn't trash the Ash and draws a few cards. Meanwhile, I score out the Nisei. He plays Wanton Destruction a second time as I have 3 cards in hand, taking a single net damage from Cortex Lock on HQ instead of paying 3 with Eater. Unfortunately, I hit a Deja Vu. He hits a NAPD, an Eli 1.0 and a economy card. I try to fight an Account Siphon or two, eventually putting a second Crick on Archives. Jens tries to run it and lets both fire. The first one returns Caprice on Archives and I rez her. The second one puts The Future Perfect on my remote server. Jens loses the Psi game to Caprice and runs again, so I get to put my Eli up in a new remote and a the NAPD behind it.
I score The Future Perfect and Jens is eventually down to a single card in hand, Deja Vu, with no cards in his deck. I advance the on-board NAPD behind the Eli – a server he never ran, not knowing the content. With a Nisei counter the game is just over.

I get a great Kate hand against his NEH. He installs in front of HQ and plays 2 remote servers. I play PrePaid VoicePad, Sure Gamble, Professional Contacts and use it once. Jens rezzes an economy card and scores an AstroScript and the game is basically over. It's a short affair. He chains AstroScripts and scores a Breaking News while I play 4x The Maker's Eye, seeing only 2 points worth of agendas. Very well played by Jens!

Round 5 – Thomas – Stealth Andy and RP.
Thomas and I are no strangers. Just like Adam he's a local player, and he even got very close to beating me in the final of our Store Champioship.

He chooses to play Corporation first, simply putting out 3 Assets on his first turn, non-mulligan. I am a bit surprised, but what the hell. I set up and get some good economy going from turn one, and he rezzes Daily Business Show + 2x Mental Health Clinic.
He eventually plays an Enhanced Login Protocol, comfortably staying at 5 credits. I get a Self-Modifying Code out and play a The Maker's Eye. He rezzes a Lotus Field, going to 0, and I pay 5 to fetch, install and break with Cyber-Cypher. The first card is of course a The Future Perfect which I gladly take, even removing the Enhanced Login Protocol before it had any effect. I trash as much of his economy as I can, while he tries to recover. Eventually, with Thomas at 4 credits after scoring a Nisei and playing another Enhanced Login Protocol, I make another The Maker's Eye run on R&D as my first click. Thomas rezzes a Pup, going to 3, and I pay 2, break the Lotus Field and see a The Future Perfect. I pay 0 for the Psi Game, while Thomas luckily plays 2. The next card is a NAPD, which I steal to trash the Enhanced Login Protocol and go to 5.
I am at 7 credits, so I count and contemplate for a while. Thomas and I agree that I can get in three times but discarding 2 cards to the Pup on my last click. With 1 credit + a Nisei counter, Thomas can only keep me from stealing it two times, so we pack it up and move over to RP vs Andromeda.

No matter what I do, I am the first seed, so I just rush out a Nisei, a NAPD and a The Future Perfect as quickly as I can to get a break. Not the most exciting or memorable game.

Top 8 – Rune – Kate
As my only loss today has come as Kate against an NEH deck, I decline that match-up, instead choosing RP vs. Kate.

Rune puts a lot of R&D pressure on me early with an R&D Interface, eventually stealing 4 points while I score 4 on a remote. It all comes down to a The Maker's Eye. I use a Nisei counter, and Rune simply replays it with a Same Old Thing. The first card is, of course, a The Future Perfect – noticing a trend here?
However, I have plently of credits as Rune has largely been ignoring my protected Sundews, and I decide to bet two – a number a lot of less-experienced players are very uncomfortable with losing on a Psi game. Rune rolls a die for his number and bets 1. I install-advance-advance the Future Perfect after mandatory drawing it and I score it out next turn. Rune confides in me that according to his die, he should actually have bet two, but he changed it because... 2 credits, man. Psi practice pays off!

Top 8 winners bracket – Jakob – HB: Engineering the Future
The last time I played Jakob from Odense was at our Regionals last year, where I beat his RP with my Medium-Andromeda in a tight match, and simply out-paced him with The World is Yours Fast Advance. Oh, how the times change.
I can't remember much of this game. I know Jakob is playing Director Haas for the ability to fast-advance. He scores an Accelerated Beta Test, runs it and puts 3 cards in Archives. I pick up two points there and I find the next 6 points rather quickly with The Maker's Eye + R&D interface for pressure.

Top 8 winners – Jens – MaxX
Jens is back, and just like me, he only has a single loss (he's two points below me, however, with 2 timed wins), which he got in this exact matchup.

I get some Sundews out early, protected by 2x Quandary. My economy is going OK, but I am rezzing a lot of Ice. Jens is having trouble with his flips and hits 4 pieces of recursion early.
He loses his fifth and the Levy some time later, with a Same Old Thing on the table. I have a Nisei + Caprice Nisei in a remote server behind a Tollbooth, which he gets a Femme Fatale on with Retrieval Run. He plays an Account Siphon and runs, but loses the Psi game. I am however on credits after this, but I gain one from my Mental Health Clinic, take two and trash his Same Old Thing, making sure he can't play Levy. He does however get the chance to steal the Nisei, which he does after winning a Psi game.
The game devolves at this point. I am merely taking credits while Jens runs out of cards and things to do. He uses a Retrieval Run to get back a Yog and trashes all of my economy. He is out of Keyholes, etc. He starts running HQ through an Enigma and basically accesses all my cards. I mandatory a Caprice Nisei, take two and put her in my scoring server, having put a Lotus Field in front. Jens goes down to two cards, keeping up HQ pressure and playing some cards. Looking at Jens Heap, I am sure his two cards are Singularity and Spooned. Jens is playing neither. It is of course his two copies of Day Job, as I should've realized by there only being one in the Heap, especially considering he played at least two in our previous match. Jens clicks for 4 credits with perfect knowledge of my HQ, and I know what's up. I mandatory draw and agenda and score it in my server, and Jens offers the hand shake as I realize that he's bluffing the ability to do anything, barring me drawing an Agenda and not putting it in a protected remote immediatedly, as I have a Lotus Field on my remote and on R&D.

I now have a healthy break before the final. I get to see Kasper Laust, a very skilled player who hasn't really been playing for a while, beat Sebastians RP deck twice with his Kate and some very well-played Stimhacks – a card I haven't used yet. Kasper Laust loses to Jens in a very long NEH match where The Maker's Eye doesn't find stuff. Jens shuffles with Jackson and there's the winning AstroScript.

Final – Jens – NEH fast-advance.

My only loss of the day, previously – to a bluffed-out AstroScript. I again have a very nice hand with Sure Gamble, PrePaid VoicePad, Professional Contacts and something relevant. Jens goes for 3 installs – 2x Turtlebacks and an unknown. I go for PrePaid VoicePad, Sure Gamble, check his remote – it's a Pad Campaign – and then I go for the Professional Contacts.
I check Jens remotes while drawing for a while, eventually using Stimhack on R&D to set up, as I have both Self-Modifying Code and Clone Chip out. Jens rezzes RSVP, and with a Lady in hand, I decide to use 8 credits on fetching Cyber-Cypher and Mimic (Kate lowers Cyber-Cypher by 1). With 1 credit left, I might as well break the RSVP, and lo and behold – there's an NAPD. I do however lose my in-hand Lady to the Brain Damage, which isn't good. I use Professional Contacts and the card on top is the other. It's lucky and very nice. I draw a few times while Jens puts down some Ice and more Assets. I install Lady and play The Maker's Eye. Turns out the second Ice is Wraparound. Not exactly good as I discarded a Scavenge earlier and I now need to find 1 out of 2 Clone Chips left to get another Lady. I do however find a NAPD.
Jens puts down another new Asset and I decide to use Professional Contacts twice, run that Asset, then run his R&D to check. Of course, due to fatigue, I brilliantly use Professional Contacts thrice. Stuck between either checking the card or attacking R&D, I decide that only one can wait. I run his on-board card, and lo and behold, it's an AstroScript. Close call. I completely understand the play here – a scored AstroScript puts the game way into Jens' favor. I decide to play another The Maker's Eye not a lot later, with Jens having put another Ice in front of R&D. It's another Wraparound. I empty my Lady, and I need to win now or really dig for those Clone Chips. Fortunately the last card I access is an AstroScript for the win.

Overall a very great day. Two very great decks. There are very few changes I would make to them. Feeling pumped about the byes and totally ready for the Nordic Championship!
Also, fun fact - 3 out of 4 players with superbyes made top 8. All 4 of my opponents made top 8 (as seed 2, 3, 5 and 6)
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Kasper Lauest
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Great write-up. I was sad that I had to leave right after the losers bracket final, but it was getting late for catching trains to Helsinge! I would also have liked to have played against your no doubt super competitive tier 1 decks. That early Stimhack play to set up against NEH in the final was a cool move.

What was most amazing for me was getting third place after barely playing for a long time and since I hadn't played either of my decks or even deck archetypes even once before. I had played Katman a LOT in the past, but Prepaid Kate is a bit different, causing me to forget that I had Cyber Cypher in the deck early on. I was definitely struggling with Kate early on and only got really into how to play her during the top 8 matches. On the corp side I went with NEH, which I had never played before, just because I expected people to tech for long games against RP. Indeed, I didn't see a single clot all day long and with no clots around, NEH is just great. Ironically, during swiss I did much better with NEH than Kate, while it was the other way around in the top 8.

Do you have the stats for the tournament? There seemed to be a ton of RP amongst the top players.
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