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Subject: Custom Characters! rss

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Khadath Amehusi
United States
South Dakota
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After receiving and playing my first match with Armory, I eagerly went online to find other people's custom characters.....

And found none.shake

Due to the fact that nobody else seems to want to, I'm now encouraging you all to post any Custom Character Creations here.

Here's my first custom, to get started.

Extremely Defensive Zoner- Marmlee

High Power Level (150 Gold Used)


Shield Potion- 25 Gold


Buster Racoon- 25 Gold

Donkey Kick- 25 Gold

Eye Laser- 25 Gold

Mega Buster- 25 Gold

Strike to Wave- 10 Gold

Dash to Block- 5 Gold

Drive to Dash- 10 Gold

I may have changed some things up by accident, but this was the general idea. Obnoxiously zone the opponent after running away with dash or block, or retreat with wave. At range, you have plenty of options to keep your opponent on there toes and force them to confront you. Use buster racoon if you ever get cornered, or just donkey kick them across the board.

Your opponent will have to deal with you eventually, the threat of a fully charged magnificent attack and your ranged arsenal will force them to confront you at close range. Note that up close, petrifying Donkey Kick can make your opponent miserable.

EDIT: Excellent idea Ed! Here is a link to the armory page on the Battlecon wiki:

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Edouard Lorenceau
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Cool build ! I do like the idea of build posts on the forums.

But one thing i would recommend is adding either a link to the wiki page for the bases or Gear cards, or using spoilers like this (so we don't have to go fetch our copy of the Armory):

Buster Racoon
Spoiler (click to reveal)
Range: X, Power: 4, Priority: 2 | Stun Guard 4. The range of this attack is an opponent you switched sides with. Before Activating: Advance 4 spaces.

(I wish spoilers would collapse tho :/. We could have them more organised)
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fernando rojas
United States
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So there is a thread for this already.

I just got Armory as a gift so I built this. Gonna test it out on Monday.

100 gold total

Welsie Acktern - Time Loop

Red: Strike
Yellow: Dash
Purple: Wave (Beta)
Blue: Sweep (Delta)
Green: Grip (EX)
Orange: Buster Racoon (Special)

Stagger (Red Delta)
Cape Sweep (Weapon)

And if moving up to 200, simple additions: upgrade to Welsie Acktern EX - Everywhere, and add in Eye Laster (Special). We'll see what my usual opponent wants to play.
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Tristan Crouch
United States
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Lemme tell you, I love Battle:CON, but since getting Armory, I love it even more.
What I did with it was, I looked at the cards, and looked at all the characters, and just added thematically appropriate options to each character's Kit, permanently. After character selection, each fighter can decide whether they want to switch out like-coloured bases for the options i've loaded into their Kit, to cover weaknesses or refine their strategy. So that means that, for example, Alexian won't have the opportunity to replace Grasp with Grenade - but I don't think I've played a single match where Rukyuk *doesn't* use it since I put it there.

My favourite additions, in no particular order, permanently added to their player's Kit (Note that I was far more concerned with theme than with actual tactical balance):

-Serafina Vaanedran + Disguise & Mic Drop
-Rukyuk + Grenade (This makes him one of my favourite characters to play)
-Runika + Mega Blaster
-Alumis + Disguise & Smoke Bomb
-Byron Krane + Smoke Bomb & Eye Laser
-Shekhtur + Buster Racoon
-Heketch + Demon Rage & Wall Leap
-Rexan + Demon Rage & Taunt
-Iri + Scooter + Yo-Yo + Lawnmower
-Baenvier + Hammer & Sword Breaker
-Voco Astrum + Mic Drop (SO ON THEME!)
-Tatsumi Ngoc + Hop (Not my fave character, but this is wykkyd for Juto positioning)
-Demitras + Cape Sweep & Force Choke
-Alexian + Block
-Larimore Burman + Great Serpent
-Thessala Three + Spark Kick
-Kehrolyn + CHAINSAW
-Cesar + Atomic Crusher & Holy Water
-Joal + Ninja Star
-Magdelina + Holy Water
-Marmelee + Pen Toss
-Malandrax + Pen Toss
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Marquis DeSade
United States
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I like this thematic approach you're taking. It seems like it does a good job breaking up some of the decision paralysis around "what to pick?" "what's balanced?"

All of my armory cards have just been collecting dust due to the factors above. Just pulling the trigger on breaking up the set may finally get me some use out of the collection.
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