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Okay, so I left the GW hobby world a few years ago, and have been slowly purging the remains of that obsession... I have the following remaining, and would rather trade them at an undervalued rate rather than let them become the 'things with the most dust' that my wife will then banish to the recycle bin. I have the following:

Small Chaos Marine force: 8 berserkers, 5 chosen, 1 spawn, 5 lesser demons (wolves with chaos tentacles) All in various stages of unfinished painting - fetch the Simple Green, strip them, and good to go.

Large amount of bitz for : Ogre Kingdoms, Chaos Space Marines. Still on sprues, maybe 10 sprues full of bits and baubles for each.

NIS White Dwarf 30th Anniversary Model - google it.

Codexes: Chaos Space Marines, Space Wolves (old and REALLY old versions), Dark Eldar, Witch Hunters, Eye of Terror, Daemon Hunters

Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game: Return of the King rulebook

Warhammer Fantasy: Ogre Kingdom army book

Limited Edition boxed version of the Warhammer Fantasy rulebook 7th ed. (seen here:

Also have an older version of Frag (Steve Jackson Games) and Battletech boxed set looking for new homes.

Specifically looking for:
Any addons for Myth - I lucked into a cheap new copy at my local HPB, so now need to get ALL the extra doodads...

King's Forge (and expansion),
Dungeon Dice potion and familiar packs,
expansions for super dungeon explore,
Expansions for runebound 2nd,
expansions for munchkin (on the list so there is a quick and cheap option for smaller trades, and the kids love playing it!)
The last year's worth of Talisman expansions: Forest, Deep Realm, Firelands, Nether Realm
anything else off my wants list (you know how to find it, I'm sure), or really anything else you might be willing to trade. Make me on offer or send me a trade list to look at - I'm sure we can work something out! Thank you for your time, we now return you to your regularly scheduled geekery...
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