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Subject: Under the Sun corrected rss

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Colin Raitt
United Kingdom
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The naval OB seems to have several mistakes. I suspect the Mediterranean Fleet was included at start but the less obviously named Force H got overlooked. Heavy ships were withdrawn after the success of Taranto and war with Japan. There are surges for Pedestal, Torch and Husky. Based on naval history website I'd suggest these modifications.

September 1940 Remove Queen Elizabeth. Add Illustrious, Ramillies, Malaya, Renown, Exeter, Kent, Dorsetshire*, CL,DD x2 and SS. Gibraltar is friendly territory for the UK.

October 1940 remove Dorsetshire (for Atlantic convoys).
Taranto raid November 1941

December 1940 remove Ramillies (for Atlantic convoys).
March 1941 remove Warspite (for Atlantic convoys and repair).
August 1941 add Nelson.
September 1941 add German SS, Furious, Rodney, Prince of Wales, remove Renown and Kent (for refit and Home Fleet).
October 1941 remove Furious/Formidable/Illustrious, Nelson, Prince of Wales, (for refit, Home fleet and China Station).
November 1941 return Malaya, add Norfolk*, remove Rodney (Home Fleet).
Barham and Ark Royal torpedoed, Valiant and Queen Elizabeth sunk by limpet mines from midget subs all in November 1941.

December 1941 remove Norfolk.
Japan's entry into the war stretches the Royal Navy thinner than ever.

January 1942 remove Valiant and Queen Elizabeth (for Eastern Fleet, they had to be scraped off the bottom of the harbour in Alexandria and repaired).
April 1942 add Wasp.
June 1942 remove Wasp.
August 1942 temporarily return Furious, Victorious, Nelson, Rodney and add Indomitable (Pedestal convoy).
Ohio limps into Valetta with very little freeboard.

September 1942 remove Furious, Victorious, Indomitable, Nelson, Rodney and Malaya (for refit).
October 1942 return Furious and Renown.
November 1942 return Formidable, Victorious, Nelson, Rodney and add Duke of York (Torch landings).
December 1942 remove Victorious, Duke of York (Pacific and Home Fleet).
February 1943 remove Furious (Home Fleet).
May 1943 add King George Vth.
June 1943 return Indomitable, Valiant, Warspite and Malaya (Husky preparations).

No substitute if a ship to be removed/returned is already sunk. Returning ships that were damaged are repaired. Add at Gibraltar or Alexandria at the start of the month. Remove from anywhere also at the start of the month.
*Exeter stands in for York, Dorsetshire for Devonshire and Norfolk for Berwick.

1st CV replacement (rule 9.5) is now Victorious not Illustrious. Victorious serves for 1 month, then she is removed and Formidable substitutes for her at Gib or Alex. Not after July 1942.
2nd CV replacement is now Furious. August 1941 remove Furious (Arctic convoys) a 2nd replacement is no longer possible.

Furious and Ark Royal are speed 40, all STPs are speed 21 (similar to revision in Advanced ETO).

Reading between the lines. I was surprised at the dearth of CAs after Crete. Maybe vulnerability to air strike and long sea legs make them better suited as ocean escorts. War with Japan was anticipated. Britain shifted 2CVs a BB and a BC to the China Station rather than the Med despite disastrous losses in November. Sometimes the largest British ship was a CL. I think the Admiralty decided to keep heavy units out of the med till air superiority was established by the arrival of the US.

House rule for "Club Runs". CVs can transport a reduced land based fighter. The planes are loaded in a port by crane not deck landing. They can't land back on the carrier, the only mission they can fly is to change base to an airfield. If intercepted during base change they cannot abort voluntarily and are not affected by abort combat results. No training, no tailhooks. 2CVs can carry a full strength land based fighter.

From 1942 fighter ferry range can be increased to range x6 but can't shoot in air to air combat. This represents drop tanks, extra internal fuel tanks and removing armanent.
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