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Subject: [Custom Script] Basic Tragedy - Omoikane's Device rss

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Josh Bonner
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For my first attempt at a script I originally wanted to build something that involved the Alien's resurrection ability, but after several revisions it ended up becoming this weird thing. I think it's probably very hard for the protagonists, but it hasn't been playtested so any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Script Name: Omoikane's Device
Tragedy Set: Basic Tragedy
Difficulty: ??/10

In order to prevent the supercomputer she developed from being misused by her government, the Alien sent it through a dimensional portal in hopes that her parallel-universe counterpart, the Patient, could keep it safe. But thanks to a miscalculation, the device was found by the Police Officer instead, and now he’s being hunted. Meanwhile, the Mystery Boy has traveled back from a dystopian future to prevent the device from falling into the wrong hands, but he thinks the wrong hands belong to the Patient. Can the protagonists avoid being killed by the two opposing sides and locate the device before it’s too late?

In the original timeline...
Day 2 - the Boy Student spreads rumors about strange lights in the woods after seeing the Alien arrive.
Day 3 - the Police Officer goes into hiding and tries to contact the Patient.
Day 4 - the Mystery Boy uses future technology to raze the Hospital.
Day 5 - the Shrine Maiden tries to find out what happened from the Doctor.
Day 7 - the Doctor tells anyone who will listen that he saw a figure recover something from the wreckage and then vanish.

Protagonist Card:
Loops: 4
Days: 7

Day 2 - Increasing Unease
Day 3 - Missing Person
Day 4 - Hospital Incident
Day 5 - Butterfly Effect
Day 7 - Spreading

Mastermind Card:
Plot: Giant Time Bomb
Subplot 1: Love Affair
Subplot 2: Threads of Fate

Doctor - Person
Nurse - Person
Patient - Lover
Shrine Maiden - Person
Alien - Loved One
Police Officer - Witch
Pop Idol - Person
Boy Student - Person
Mystery Boy - Time Traveler

Day 2 - Increasing Unease (Boy Student)
Day 3 - Missing Person (Police Officer)
Day 4 - Hospital Incident (Mystery Boy)
Day 5 - Butterfly Effect (Shrine Maiden)
Day 7 - Spreading (Doctor)

Victory conditions for the mastermind:
Killing the protagonists (Loved One, Hospital Incident)
Less than 3 goodwill on the Mystery Boy (Time Traveler)
At least 2 intrigue on the City (Giant Time Bomb)

Hints for the Mastermind:
This is an incident-focused script where you’ll be relying on a veil of paranoia from Threads of Fate to keep the protagonists away from the main plot. The main gimmicks are...

Rule X: Increasing Unease and Missing Person help kill the protagonists with the Loved One and Hospital Incident.
Rule Y: Spreading pulls goodwill off of the Time Traveler to help trigger his loss condition.
Rule Z: Butterfly Effect and Spreading feed Threads of Fate for the next loop.

You shouldn't have too much trouble making it to the final guess, but three of your four roles are easily exposed, so it’s important to keep the Police Officer from attracting attention that might reveal his mandatory goodwill refusal. For the first loop, if you don’t trigger any incidents except Spreading it’ll be impossible to use his goodwill abilities, but after Threads of Fate gets going you’ll have to be creative. Try to end the loop quickly by killing the protagonists or, if that fails, kill the Police Officer with the Hospital Incident.

You may be able to hide the Patient’s role for a while too, though the protagonists will notice sooner or later that they can have the Alien kill herself, which will trigger the Lover’s reaction ability and blow his cover. This is also a way for them to defuse the threat of the Loved One for the rest of the loop.

If the protagonists learn you need intrigue on the City, you're basically dead, so as soon as it looks like the protagonists will make it past the Time Traveler loss condition, you'll need to start setting up a cover-up. Sealed Item is your best choice, but if the protagonists haven't been eliminating Key Person suspects then you can get away with Sign With Me as well. Just keep in mind that it'll be much harder to get intrigue on locations without help from the Day 3 and 4 incidents, so the preparations will need to start early.
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Roberta Yang
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How do you survive the final guess? All the roles seem like they would become clear in four loops, except perhaps for determining which of the two love affair members is the Lover and which is the Loved One.
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