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Subject: playtest Session 5/13/15 2nd Game rss

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Jim Murray
United States
West Virginia
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A four player game With Amber, Matt, Brad and Jim

Initial Placement Amber Macedonia, Matt Hispania, Brad Gual, Jim Aegyptus

01 Nomads, A,B3 RGov1 PGov Asia, R2 RGen BA Asia, BY2, L0

02 Pers, M, B3 RGov1 PGov1 Brit Y2 AS Hisp, BY2, L0

03 Nomads 2 Egypt, B, RGov1 PGov1 Pan RGen1 BA Pann, BY2, L0

04`Nomads, J, B3 Rgov1 PGov Africa R2 A Nomads Egypt 0/0 RGen1, TB1, L0

05 Nomads, A, Y5 AS AS Mace Asia, TR1 BB2, L0

06 Nomads 2 Africa, M, Y3 AS Hisp R3 RGen1 AL Hisp, Tr1 BR2, L0

07 Ira Deorum, B, Y5 AS AS Gual, TY1 BR2, L0

08 Goth, J, R1 A Nomads Egypt 1/0 Y? AS Egypt, TR1, L2

09 Prep For War, A, B3 RGov3 R2 RGen2, TR1 BR2, L0

10 Alim, M, R1 BA Brit Y5 AS AS Brit, TY1 BY2, L0

11 Sax, B, B3`RGov3 R2 RGen2, TY1 BY2, L0

12 Alim 3 Thrace, J, R2 A Nomads Egypt 0/0 BA Egypt Y2 AS Egypt, TY1, L2

13 Pers 3 Pont, A, R2 AL Asia(1) Y4 Temple Asia, TB1 BB2, L1

14 Ira Deorum, M, B3 RGov3 R3 AL Hisp, TB1 BB2, L0

15 Goth, B, R5 AL AL Gual Y2 AS Pann, TR1 BR2, L0

16 Sax 3 Gual, J, R3 A Nomads Egypt 2/2 mv mv Africa CZ Y2 AS Egypt, TR1, L4

17 Pers, A, B2 PGov Syria B2 RGov2 R1 BA Syria R2 AL Syria, TY1 BY3, L3

18 Goth 3 Pont 2 Syria B2 Trib Alim Thrace R2 RGen1 BA Thrace, TB1 B3, L0

19 Cniva, B, Y3 AS POan B3 RGov2, TB1 BR2, L0

20 Nomads, J, B1 PGov Africa R2 A Nomad Egypt 1/1 Y2 AS Africa, BB2, L5

21 Alim, A, R2 A Goth Syria 1/2 R2 AL Thrace Y2 AS Syria Y3 AS Asia, TB1 BB3, L5

22 Sax, M, Y2 AS Thrace Y4 Temple Hisp, BR3 B3, L1

23 Plebe Adel, B, R1 A Sax Gual 3/3 R1 BA R2 AL Mv Italy MV IITaly CZ, TR1 BB2, L4

24 Nomads 1 Egypt, J, B2 Trib Nomads Egypt R2 A Nomads Africa 1/0 Y2 AS Africa, TY1 BY2, L7

25 Shapur, A, R4 TL TL A Goth Syria 2/0 Y5 AS AS Syria Mace B3 Fod Shapur Syria, TY1 B1 BY3, L11

26 Nomads, M, R6 MV MV A Gual CZ (R2 Casta) 1/0 A Gual 0/1 AL Brit B3 RGov2 B3 PGov2 Gual, TR1 BY4, L7

27 Sax 2 Pann, B, B1 PGov Italy B2 Trib Sax Pan R2 MV Gual Pan TL, TB1, L6

28 Nomads, J, B2 Trib Nomads Egyt R2 AL Africa, TB1 BR2, L7

29 Goth, A, B2 Trib Nomads Syria B3 Fod Goth Asia Y8 AS AS Asia Mace, TY1 R1 BB3, L13

30 Alim 2 Thrace, M, Y4 AS Hisp B2 Trib Alim Thrace, TR1 Y1 BB4, L9

31 Alim 2 Thrace, B, R6 TL AL MV Gual A 2/1 B1 Pgov Gual (Y2 Quastor) Y2 Gual, BR3 Y3, L10

32 Plague, J, R3 AL Africa Y3 AS Africa B2 RGen2, TY1 BY2, L7

33 Pers 1 Syria, A, B2 Trib Pers Sryia B6 Fod Fod Gual Civia Asia B3 Fod Pers Syria, BY4 R2, L15

34 Alim 3 pan 2 Italy, M, R4 MV MV Hisp CZ TL TL Y3 AS Thrace Y4 Temple Brit, TB1 Y1 BR3, L12

35 Nomads 2 Egypt, B, R9 AL AL Pan A Alim Pan 2/2 A Alim Italy 2/1 TL Italy Y3 AS Gual, BY3 Y3

36 Alim 1 Thrace, J, B2 Trib Nomads Egypt Y4 Temple Africa, TR1 BB2, L8

37 Goth, A, B3 Fod Pers Syria R4 RGen4 Y5 AS Syria, BR4 B3, L17

38 Pers 2 Egypt, M, B2 Trib Alim Thrace B6 Fod Fod Alim Thrace R5 AL AL Thrace, BR4, L16

39 Nomads 2 Egypt, B, R2 TL TL R1 A Alim Pan 1/0 Y4 Temple Pan, BR4, L24

40 Pers 3 Syria, J, B2 Trib Nomads Egypt Y4 Temp Egypt R3 AL Egypt, BB2, L11

41 Pers, A, B3P Gov Pont ? BA Pont B2 Trib Pers Pont R4 A Goth Pont 1/1 A Pers 1/0 Y4 AS Pontus Bath Pont, BY4 R4, L22

42 Alim 1 Thrace, M, Y4 AS Thrace R4 Prat Guard Italy R4 MV Thrace Italy A (Casta FM) FM 1/2, TY2 BY3, L20

43 Pax Deorum, B, R10 AL Gen1 MV Pann A Alim 3/1, ?, L32 WIN
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