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Joel Mayeski
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai
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I have this BSG variant that plays in 15-30 minutes. I designed it before there were any expansions... but I never posted it. So here it is, let me know what you think.

Battlestar Galactica: In the Cards

Gameplay: A secret role assignment game for 3-5 players. Game play time should be 15-30 minutes and roughly simulate the suspense of a full, hours long game of "Battlestar Galactica, The Board Game". The game is divided up into a maximum of 14 rounds of crises, that, if survived, counts as a win for the humans.

If you are on the human team, to safely navigate the Battlestar Galactica to Kobol before any one resource reaches zero. If you are on the cylon team, to deplete one resource before the Battlestar Galactica reaches Kobol.

Skill Cards: You will need one skill deck for each person playing the game.
Loyalty Cards: For a 3 player game you will need two "You are not a cylon" cards and one "You are a cylon" card. For 4 players shuffle in three "You are not a cylon cards" and two "You are a cylon" cards and secretly discard one. For 5 players you will need three "You are not a cylon" cards and two "You are a cylon" cards.
Crisis Cards: Remove the following Crisis cards from the Crisis deck to use while playing this game: Scouting for Fuel, Scouting for Water, Legendary Discovery, Missing G4 Explosives, Terrorist Investigations, Mandatory Testing, Hanger Accident, Unidentified Ship, Resistance, Prison Labor, The Olympic Carrier, Rescue Mission, Riots (both cards). Keep the last 6 cards (from Resistance on) separate for the time being.

Crisis Cards & Resources:

This part is somewhat different from the base game. Most of the Crisis cards selected for this game list a Resource that will be lost under the "Fail" option (the other text has no effect). If the players do not reach a minimum of 3 points per player (color does not matter) then the Skill Check is failed and one resource is lost. Some cards list two resources under the "Fail" option and therefore if this Skill Check is not passed one of each resource is lost. However, three cards do not have a "Fail" option, so these are special cases. The "Rescue Mission" card, if not passed will trigger BOTH -1 morale and -1 fuel. The "Riots" card that shows the Basestar firing and the Jump Prep icon will lose -1 population and -1 fuel (the bottom "or" choice) if not passed. The "Riots" card that shows the raiders being launched will lose -1 food and -1 population (the left two resources on the card) if this skill check is not passed.
Just like in the original game players may not say exactly how much they are contributing.

Executing a Suspected Cylon:

This part, also, plays somewhat differently from the base game. If a majority of players agree in a vote that one player is a cylon that player is automatically executed and removed from the game. Their loyalty card is NOT revealed. They combine their draw pile along with their hand of cards and discard a minimum number of cards so that the remaining cards can be equally divided among the remaining players. (Example: If there are 4 players and the executed player has 14 cards left they would look at all of their cards, chose two to secretly discard and randomly deal the remaining 12 cards to each of the three other players). The remaining players place cards received in this way directly into their hands.

Playing (Setup):
1. Each player should select one Skill deck and shuffle it (use all 21 cards). Then each player should randomly discard 6 cards into a common pile in the center of the table. After this, shuffle all cards in the common pile and deal 6 to each player. Every player should then reshuffle their deck, deal 7 cards into their hand and leave the rest face down in a pile in front of them.
2. Shuffle the Loyalty cards and deal one to each player. All players should then, simultaneously and secretly look at their loyalty card. This will be their loyalty throughout the game.
3. To keep track of resources during the game players should either keep a written tally on a sheet of paper that all players can see or use the Resource dials provided on the "Battlestar Galactica, The Board Game" game board. There are 4 resources in the game: Fuel, Food, Moral and Population. Each of these resources begins at a level of two. To set the final level of the resources, select the first 8 crisis cards and shuffle them. Then randomly select 4. The 4 resources listed in the "Fail" section should be increased by 1. This will provide the humans with a total of 12 resources during the game. If any resource reaches zero, the game ends and the cylon team wins.
4. Shuffle all 14 resources cards back together and place them face down on the table. The game is now ready to begin.

Playing (sample round):

1. Each round begins with all players drawing 1 Skill card from their draw deck into their hand.
2. Then the top Crisis card is revealed.
3. Each player then places a minimum of 1 and maximum of 2 Skill cards face down in the center of the table. (For each executed character during game play, the maximum amount of cards that players can contribute to a Skill check increases by 1). Players may discuss strategies, ideas, what they can or can not contribute, etc, but may not discuss exact numbers or color of cards.
4. When all players have contributed all face down Skill cards are shuffled and then revealed. If the total number value (color does not matter) of the cards equals or exceeds 3 per player, the Crisis is passed and no resources are lost. If the total number value DOES NOT equal or exceed 3 per player, the resource(s) listed on the card are removed from the total resources remaining.
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