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Subject: War of the sexes rss

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Ian Clark
United States
New Hampshire
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With the 7-month old asleep and the 3-year-old distracted by the 'scape pieces we weren't using, my wife Amy and I were able to play a quick 500 point game tonight.

I was eager to try out the new flag bearer pieces and initially wanted to try Acolarh and an all-elf force, but decided there just isn't enough to choose from for the elves quite yet. I decided to go with Hatamato Taro to lead an all-Einar force. He was joined by the Kozuke, Tagawa and Izumi samurai squads and Crixis to round out the points. Amy took Kelda, A. McDirk, Deathwalker 8000, Mimring and a Dumatef guard. The layout of the board was simple with no water features or other add-ons like ice, lava, castle, etc. It was just a symmetrical layout building gradually to a 7-8 level hill in the center of the board with a few trees sprinkled around for cover. There was no scenario, just a wipe-em-all-out slugfest.

Things did NOT start out well for me. I moved Taro out early to keep him in the lead with the idea to spread the others around to take advantage of his Heroic Defense Aura ability. Bad idea. Amy marched DW8k right at him and lit him up with the Rapid Fire special attack, taking him out in one turn! I was not pleased. Taro's pretty flag was now his death shroud.

I was mad and began to charge DW8K with the other squads, leaving Crixis way back. Amy continued to just plink away with DW8K and occasionally spitting fire with Mimring, taking out a squad piece here and there. Soon we were pretty well entrenched in hand-to-hand, with me finally knocking DW8K out after it had wiped out the whole Kozuke force. Meanwhile the Izumi went after McDirk and the Tagawas took off after Mimring. Amy was dancing Kelda back and forth between them to use her healing powers, undoing all of the good hits I was getting through in hand-to-hand.

With one Izumi left I managed to take out McDirk (thanks to counter strikes doing most of the damage) and that sole survivor from the Izumis went after the Dumatef. The Tagawas took down Mimring and closed in on Kelda. Crixis finally came on to help out and I was able to win the game with just Crixis and one Tagawa left.

I wish I had been able to actually use Taro's cool abilities, but overall it was my first time using a force of almost all samurai and I found the counter-strike special ability turned the tide of the game since Kelda could not keep up with all of the healing she needed to. I look forward to trying the other new flag bearers.
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Gabriel V

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I sufferred some humiliation this past weekend at the guns of the Deathwalker 8K too. The damn thing nearly singlehandedly wiped out my entire army. Instead of Mimring, Nilfheim was the dragon that helped school my forces.

So, I feel for ya.
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