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Subject: Great customer service from... rss

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Everything between now and the next game is just killing time
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So this is another of those inspirational tales that so often frequent the geek about great customer service from one or other of the companies we all known and love, although this one differs slightly from the norm in that it's about a one man operation (He might be a one man, one wife, two kids operation- I'm not sure on the forced labour policy within his family).

If there's anybody on the 'geek more deserving of both the titles "luckiest geek alive" and "unluckiest geek alive" I've yet to see their geeklist about it. His astounding story and the highs and lows of his tale are eloquently told in this geelist here

After Adiken shuts down and during the time that BGG was having server issues Geosphere posts a message on BGGdown saying he's going to sell off all the stock he has left at bargain prices and many people respond to his message. But there's one in every crowd and unfortunately for him it's me. I've been wanting to get my hands on this game for quite some time now so I respond to his message and place my order. There are huge delays in my getting a Paypal account and transferring the funds in but Geosphere is very understanding with me (or at least he appears so over Geekmail, he could be piss(ing) in a jar every time he gets a missive from me).

Paul send off the package promptly after I finally transfer the money to him but it takes ages for the package to clear customs during which time I've been telling myself that although I have bought a new game, it doesn't matter anymore which as anyone on the geek can tell you is the worst kind of lie you can tell yourself.

As soon as the package is delivered to my work I do the unthinkable, I put it in the back room and go back to my job.

You all know what it's like when a new game arrives; you need an uninterrupted few hours to properly devour all the sights and smells from your new purchase; the sweet smell of unopened miniatures, that satisfying 'crack' when you open the rules for the first time, the farting noise when you first open the box. There's no way you can get this time when you're at work, even if you've had nothing to do for the rest of the week as soon as you even think about opening your new game people come crawling out of the woodwork with questions for you.

For the rest of the day that little voice that we all must listen to was taunting me with the glories of the box, "Don't waste your time dreaming" the little voice in my head chanted at me, "open the box and start pawing over your 1,000 soldiers" (While I didn't get that many miniatures I can assure that carrying it home from work that night it sure felt like it!). Finally the day ends and I can go home, the bus can't come quick enough and somehow I managed make it back home with the package unopened.

It was worth the wait.

There are loads of individual packages for me to open, I pull them out one at a time until I finally come to the last item in the box, the Nin-Gonost 'hard-case' set with the interlocking terrain and (most importantly) the rules. I carefully remove the rules and starting putting everything back in the box. As I put them all back in I note that there's a lot of painting to be done here and as none of the miniatures are painted, so there's no lady in blue but I knew that when I bought them so there's really was no Downside.

It's all back in the box and I have the rules clutched in my fist, But wait, what's that? Sitting there atop the figures is a copy of Three Brothers CD from Paul's band Too Hip For The Room (I can only blame my 'gaming eyes' googoo for ignoring something so mundane as a CD when there are minis and rules to look at), I didn't order that, Bonus! I put it on whilst trying to decipher the rules to Nin-Gonost but it's a hard slog (it's like whoever wrote these rules had mental dysentery) and I can't concentrate on the rules anymore as more and more of my attention is being drawn to the music; it's good, it's really good. It's so good that I end up spending more time on the first evening of receiving the game listening to the music which came 'free' with my game than the rules to my new game.
Everyone on BGG knows that there's no higher praise than that.

So not only did Paul put up with me but he also sent me a free CD of outstanding music.

If Paul works at another gaming company and they go bust while still owing him money and settle their debts in product, jump to it people, he's an excellent company. Be proud to tell everyone that 'I watch Paul.'
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Paul DeStefano
United States
Long Island
New York
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It's a Zendrum.
Many humble and sincere thanks, Richard. From me, and from the guys in the band.

Two things:

This post is full of so many inside references to the songs on the CD that no one here will recognize any of them except my wife. I appreciate the effort, even though no one here will get it. I knew what you were doing from that first word.

Use this one:

Its shorter, cleaner, and a helluva lot better game. Just use the scenarios from the original rule book (And of course, any downloadable ones you might find).

I thought I made it clear to everyone that that original rulebook is unusable. Sorry if I didn't reiteratethat to you. I promise I rewrote the new one in English, and fixed up a few play problems it had.

The idea of Nin-Gonost is a dungeon brawl that plays in under an hour. If you have to keep picking up the rulebook, and tracking absurd stats throughout the game, that hour is gone. OK, the first few times even with the revised rules, you'll have to look it up, but STOP USING THAT OLD BOOK. I promise a far sharper and more fun game.

Thanks again, Richard.
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