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Subject: What's in the box and quick translation rss

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Chris Bogert
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So I just got this expansion today (as well as all the others) and am in the middle of a game using the new type of tiles, so I can't say a whole lot, but thought maybe some people might be interested in a quick translation of the contents and to see what all is in the box.

What's in the Box?

The Vampire character sheet and miniature

The Werewolf character sheet and miniature

3 new quests + a zombie tile associated with one of the quests:
1 魔法 (magic) quest that uses the zombie tile,
1 quest that makes use of the obstruction tokens
1 quest that makes doing magic quests more difficult.

8 new 地形(terrain) tiles : 4 plains, 2 forest and 2 village tiles

As well as some 妨害(obstruction) tokens

Initial impression + quick translation
- The miniatures are nice as always

- The Vampire character when resting at the city gets 2 resources (blood) back, but only 1 when resting at a village (less blood to drink). When the blood resource is at "0" her combat, search and knowledge stats get -2
Also if she "fumbles" a roll when adventuring or questing she loses -1 blood resource. If she has 0 blood, then she takes -1 damage.
Her special item is the "The kiss of life" that can be used only once and during the Final Battle phase of the game. If an ally dies, she can give them back 2 life.

Looks to be an interesting and quite different type of character. Can't wait to try her out.

- The werewolf character has no resources, but at certain XP points, namely 1 ,3 ,5 ,6 and 8 XP the "Wild Power" and "Werewolf Form" abilities become active. Wild Power gives back 1 life point at the beginning of each turn (except during the final battle phase) and Werewolf form gives +3 to combat, but -2 to search and knowledge. If that reduces a stat to 0, it cannot be used to challenge a quest or cooperate using that stat.
His special item allows once per game to take an additional turn after facing a roll on the "Decisive Battle chart"(決戦表).

The werewolf looks like he could be very powerful if his XP gain is timed well for the final battle, as well as activating and deactivating the powers depending on the types of quest out on the board.

- The new quests all look quite interesting as well.
#1. 騒々しい浮遊霊(Wandering Ghost) quest: Combat 3, Success: you gain 1 obstruction token. Fail: Lose 1 resource
Also when working cooperating, all participating characters get the resulting penalties.
#2. 血塗られる魔法陣(Blood drenched magic square) quest: Search 4/Knowledge 2, Upon revealing it, all "magic" type quests need an additional +1 success to beat.
#3. 不死者の巣窟(Den of the Undead) quest: Search 2, Upon revealing place the zombie tile on top of the quest. Also if you fail place the zombie tile on top. You cannot use success markers on this quest.
The zombie tile: Fail: 1 damage, succeed gives no XP, just removes it.
You cannot complete the "Den of the Undead" while the zombie token is on top.

The new Terrain tiles
These tiles introduce the "Strange land" rule. When setting up the game randomly choose 5 of the 8 terrain tiles and place them out according to the rulebook. These change the layout of the board, as well as adding some new things to do while traveling around the map.
Each of the tiles has a movement # requirement as well as special results.
On the plains and forest tiles you can adventure as normal.

Plains tiles:
#1. 流砂(Quicksand): movement 4 or above to enter. Upon entering your movement ends.
#2. 薬草の平原(medicinal plant plains): movement 3 or above to enter. If you enter the tile using a 6, you regain 1 life.
#3. 毒の沼(poisonous swamp): 4+ to enter. Upon entering take 1 damage.
#4. 万年雪(perpetual snow): 5+ to enter. No special results upon entering.

Forest tiles:
#1. 樹海(sea of trees): 6+ to enter. If you get 2 success on a search roll then it becomes 5+ to enter the tile.
#2. 真理の樹(The tree of truth): 5+ to enter. On a knowledge roll of 2 successes or better you regain 1 resource.

Village tiles:
#1. 旅の隊商宿 (Caravan): 3+ to enter. You can rest to regain 1 health here.
#2. 蜃気楼の街(Mirage city): 1+ to enter. You cannot rest here. You can check or search if adjacent to a mountain.

It looks like an interesting expansion with the terrain tiles adding some interesting elements to the map. The quests as well are quite different and possibly tough.
The two characters look to be strong, but challenging to handle through the course of the game.
I look forward to trying all these out. I have the game setup using the terrain tiles at the moment, so will see how those work soon.

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Dominic Huang
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Next Game: Castle Dukes
I just submitted a latest version of my english translation file that includes the Dorasure Fang rules. A quick correction on your work: For the Tree of Truth and the Sea of Trees land tiles, you do not roll for success. Your Hero's attribute either has at least 2 or does not.

Also, I deliberately named some of the translations differently to make them more thematic and logical. For example the Kiss of Death instead of the Kiss of Life for the vampire. Literal translation sometimes makes the words lose flavor. In this case the vampire does not give life, but she turns the dying ally into a vampire too, giving him a second chance. Anyway it could be just me. But for my translation works, I do translate them all after deep thinking, so they might be 'inaccurate' to those who can read Jap, but it really might be more accurate since direct translation is not always good.
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