Paul Kellett
United Kingdom
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Having joined up with the guardsmen in the town of Deephall, Lord Hawthorne and Lindel were sent out to try and stem the advance of undead that were threatening to overwhelm the townsfolk.

Doing into the outskirts of the town, the menace was clear - Dark Priests and Flesh Moulders were raising the town's dead and the rotting zombies were digging through the rubble to find long forgotten passageways under the city - they must be stopped at all costs.

4 Zombies were already digging out some piles of rubble under the watchful gaze of a pair of Dark Priests when the heroes launched their first offensive. One of the pitiful undead things fell and a Dark Priest took an arrow to his side. Undaunted, he plucked out the arrow and, muttering a few words of arcane magic, sealed the wound as the heroes pressed forwards surrounding the freshly opened tunnel.

As the battle continued, with the Dark Priests seeming to dismiss any injuries they sustained, to their horror, the heroes saw more Zombies rising from the nearby graveyard.

At the other end of the area, the Flesh Moulders were already disappearing down a tunnel into the city - time was running out.

With a hideous curse, the master Dark Priest screamed incantations at Lord Hawthorne and launched a frenzied attack severely wounding him and forcing him back allowing time for more Zombies to flee into the bolt holes into the beleaguered city. Too quickly, it was all over and the heroes fled back into Deephall to make amends and try and stem the rush of horror.....

Another enjoyable encounter from a H&M pack (the second we have played so far) although with only 2 heroes and a lack of cohesive strategy a win for the Overlord was quite easy.

Mark forgot that he could fatigue move as well as take 2 actions so lost time in positioning his heroes whilst I got lucky and uncovered 2 tunnels pretty much straight away. Some good defence rolls combined with the master Dark Priest's heal skill meant the Zombies lasted longer than I expected and long enough to secure the tunnels. A combo of O/L cards got Lord Hawthorne down to 3 or 4 health.

Probably far better balanced with 4 heroes but a good encounter nontheless.
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Jukka-Pekka Tuominen
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I have played this with 4 heroes and it seemed to be really difficult for the heroes.

Although they got a really terrible start as while traveling to the quest they all suffered 3 stamina each.

Also they took turns to rest at some points and that was probably what they did wrong.

With 4 heroes there are also much more monsters (mainly more zombies and flesh moulders) so it makes it a little easier for the Overlord.

Also I was very pleased to see Lord hawthorn to use his Whirlwind to attack 3 of my flesh moulders and 1 dark priest and then miss. That one was probably the final nail and after that the Overlord won the quest quite easily.

So this might not be any betterly balanced as the number of monster go higher and it's easier to infest those tunnels.
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