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Subject: The Purge: # 642 Zig-Zag: Grabbing cards quickly to move down a path rss

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Jayson Myers
United States
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Zig Zag is a silly little card game. It can be much longer than it needs to be unless you play just a single round to see who got the farthest. The little race part followed by seeing how you did reminds me of a card version of Galaxy Trucker but much more simple. I'm not a huge fan of that game or this game.

This isn't a horrible game, but not a game that I would spend a lot of time playing. It is more of a time waster or something you will play with your kids. There isn't a whole lot here. There are different numbers of certain terrain cards, so it would be silly to use a rare one as it not there enough.

The strategy in the game seems rather evident. But this isn't a game you play for the strategy. Instead, this is a fun little dexterity game. The art work isn't going to attract you to the game despite using one of the best artist in the gaming industry. The components are nothing to write home about.

Nearly everything is "blah" about this game. I must admit it isn't my sort of game. I like having a few different silly card games, but this one just doesn't have enough for me.



The components are a deck of cards and some small pawns. The pawns are little cheapy wooden markers, but really they would be anything. The cards are good quality but there isn't a lot of cards. The box is way bigger than it needs to be. I like the art work of the little guy that is all over the game, but the cards are just bland and sort of ugly.

Rule Book:

The rules are printed in a small little square book. It is in full color with plenty of pictures which is really required to vizualize this game. The rules are pretty simple and you can likely read it within 5 minutes. The game is really simple to learn and play.

Flow of the Game:

The game plays 2-4. The goal is to get your pawn (person) through your set of terrain cards. If someone does not get to the end, you play another round, but I recommend playing one round and see who gets the furtherest.

Each player will get a number of obstacle cards. You will put two back and then place the remainder in front of you. This is the terrain your pawn will move through.

Then, the terrain cards are placed face down and not touching each other. Next, all players at the same time will pick up cards. If they want it, they add it to their hand. If they do not, they leave it face up. The terrain cards are going to match the terrain on the obstacle cards.

The collecting phases ends when someone says stop. Then you move to the movement phase.

Then, each player moves their pawn in the order it was taken during the collection phase. Each terrain type allows that pawn to move to that terrain spot. If you make a mistake, then your turn is over and you cannot move any further.

Should I buy this game?:

No. No. Gosh, no. I hate to be so harsh, but this is just a silly game. It isn't broken, or a non-game, but this is just a small silly game. This is likely a game for non-gamers and likely children. A few gamers are not going to find this game interesting enough. Likely a pass.

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