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Subject: Coin of the Realm rss

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Recommended for 5 or 6 players with Merlin and Assassin.

Setup: Each player starts with 2 coins. (pennies, meeples, netrunner creds, anything will work)

As long as a player is not the Leader, that player may make their vote worth two votes by bribing the Leader with 1 coin before votes are revealed. (You may only bribe once per vote, you can not make your vote worth more than twice as much)

After success/fail cards are chosen but before they are revealed, any player on the current mission (besides the Leader) may pay the Leader 4 money to reverse the outcome of the mission. (If the mission is reversed twice, the result is normal. Three times, the mission is reversed. etc.)

e: To clarify, the only way to give another player coins is to bribe/ reverse while that player is the Leader.

My group has tested this a handful of times and it really makes the game interesting. There's a lot of power for both sides here - because the bad guys know each other, they can siphon coins to one another. The power to reverse is strong for the bad guy team; a mission that fails with all successes provides the good guys with no information, only suspicion. Similarly, if the good guys aren't careful, the bad guys can easily force a mission to go with coordination.

Similarly, the good guys get a lot of power if they can use it right. Merlin tries to give other good guys coins without revealing himself while also strategically rejecting/accepting teams. If a good guy stumbles into 4 coins, he becomes a huge liability for any bad guy team - now the bad guys need to think carefully about whether the rich good guy will choose to reverse the results.

In theory, for 5 players this should make the good guys win more often and for 6 players the bad guys should win more often. In 5 players, a 2-reject 3-pass where one of the rejects is doubled makes the mission not go. In 6 players, a 3-reject 3-pass stalemate is blown if one of the passes doubled.

I recommend this for any group that has played Avalon a lot. This will definitely shake up your meta and create weird new strategies. I do not recommend this for larger groups until further testing - the coins can be confusing for new players and it is necessary for people to quickly know how many coins others have.
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Ian Toltz
United States
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Interesting idea. My kneejerk reaction is skeptical, but I'd be willing to give it a shot. If I could ever get this game to the table again. cry
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