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Nick Blank
United States
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I had already done a comprehensive review of the basic Federation and Empire game, and now I wanted to do each of the expansions.

This is the Fourth of the F&E expansion sets. It is all new and does not replace any previous module.

New Rules:

Sequence of Play

A new Sequence of play, the most detailed to date.

Advanced Raids

This builds on the raid rules from Advanced Ops, adding fighter/PF raids, drone bombardment raids, commando (ground troop) raids, and blockade runners (to deliver EPs, cargo, personnell through enemy lines). Many more options for the raid system introduced in Advanced Ops.

Marine Major Generals

Sort of like an admiral for ground troops, they enhance the ground combat rules from Combined Operations.

Tholian Pinwheels

Three tholian ships can combine into a small base type unit.

Depot Level Repair

Destroyed ships have a small chance to end up at the depot repair yards, these take several turns to repair "destroyed" ships, but it is done free of charge.

Planetary Repair Dock

A cheap non-moble Fleet Repair Dock. Must be built at a planet.

Conversion During Repair

Discounts for certain conversions performed at the same time as repairs on a given ship.

Rapid Combat Repair

You can now use some repair facility points during the combat cycle (stealing capacity from the regular repair phase) to get critical units back online sooner. Loved by the Gorn with their naturally cheap field repair costs.

Colonial Development

These rules allow for placing colonies in empty hexes, that will then produce EPs for the corse of the game. They are not supply points unless you build them up into colony bases.

Advanced Deficit Spending

These advanced economic rules allow you to borrow money, and then pay it back later (with interest of course!) If you go too far you can destroy your economy.

Transferring Provinces

This allows for the annexing of planets and provinces after you have held them for a long period of time. They become indistinguishable from your own original territory.

Trade with the WYN Cluster

The Lyrans, Klingons, and Kzinti can send EPs into the WYN cluster, and then "withdraw" more than they sent on later turns. While the Coalition will try to block Kzinti access, they can use the new blockade running rules to get EPs through regardless.

Minor Shipyards

You can build these on map or off map, and they give you additional production slots in addition to your regular production schedule. Frigate, War Destroyer, and War Cruiser slots can be built. Popular for the Hydrans off-map. You can also make a slipway to do extra minor or major conversions. Major conversion facilities are popular for the Lyrans (they can do more CA to DN conversions withouth having to build the full cost starbase facility.

Medium Shipyards

When producing a new shipyard after losing your capital, you can build this cheaper alternative to a full shipyard. It only makes large units DNs, CAs, and other production like FRDs and PDUs. Smaller ships are covered by the Minor SHipyards above.

Production Overrides

Once per year you can build an extra ship above the normal limits.

Allowable Substitutions

This rule specifies a bunch of substitution downgrades for all races.

Police ships expanded rule

This replaces the police ships rule from Combined Operations. It adds police carriers and police flagships, and gives more detail overall.

Alternative Orion Pirates

More Orion Pirate rules, to add them to your games without the need for a devoted Orion player.

Espionage and Sabotage

More missions for Prime Teams from Combined Operations. Now you can send them behind enemy lines to infiltrate planets, steal plans, EPs, mess up enemy shipbuilding, cancel strategic movement, incite rebellions on captured planets, disrupt the economy, and much more. Many missions are available.


A megafighter counter can be placed with a carrier to represent certain advanced fighters for more compot. The Federation has many types for their varied fighters.

Forward Defense Units

Now you can place a PDU in any hex (by building it on any asteroid or bit of space debris), these have various effects.

Resistance Movements

Captured planetary populations now get a die roll to try to sabotage the enemy forces present. Various effects. Sabotage, infiltration, and rebellion!

Tug Rescue Mission

A tug can be given this mission, which allows it to "rescue" destroyed ships by towing them out of combat just prior to their destruction. Rescue tugs can also keep crippled ships safe during pursuit.

Early Warning Networks

Networks of Forward Defense Units or bases in the same hex get extra EW, greater interception chances of raiders and blockade runners, better cloaked ship detection, and other effects.

Monitor PF Modules

PF modules for Monitors, pretty self explanatory.

Counters For Troop Pods

More counters for troop pods in racial colors (Combined Ops only had room for generic color troop pods).

Additional Tug Missions

Drone bombardment supply points, supply for raiders, and other minor tug missions.

Cloaked Decoys

A Romulan only unit, used to protect key ships in combat from direct damage attacks.

New Scenarios:


An alternate start to the General war, instead of combining their might against one enemy, the Lyrans attack the Kzinti, while the Klingons attack the Hydrans.


In this variant start, the Kzinti and Hydrans learn of the impending Coalition attack, and decide to make a pre-emptive attack of their own. The Alliance kicks off the General War!

Fire in the East

In this variant, the Klingons kick off the general war with an invasion of the Federation on Turn 1.

Demon of the Eastern Wind

This runs the start of the General War from East to West, starting with the Gorns and Romulans, and subsequently adding the other races, the Federation, Klingon, Kzinti, Lyran, and lastly the Hydrans.

The SIT again covers all the data for each new ship in the product:

Federation 17 new entries.
Klingon 11 new entries.
Romulan 11 new entries.
Kzinti 11 new entries.
Gorn 11 new entries.
Tholian 9 new entries.
Orion 13 new entries.
Hydran 12 new entries.
Lyran 12 new entries.
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Could someone post a high resolution image of the counter sheet (front and back) for Planetary Operations. It is out of print. I bought what I could from Amarillo Design Bureau (rules and a few of the cards) but no counters are for sale. Really appreciated if someone could post a scan. Thanks.
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