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Subject: Comprehensive Review rss

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Nick Blank
United States
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I had already done a comprehensive review of the basic Federation and Empire game, and now I wanted to do each of the expansions.

This is the Fifth of the F&E expansion sets. It is all new and does not replace any previous module.

New Rules:

Hospital ships.

These are converted freighters for emergency relief missions and such. Basically, when your planets are devestated by the enemy they require 4 turns to recover under the base rules. Hospital ships present at the planet reduce this period, so you can get some of your economy back on line faster. They can also be included with your battle fleets and "heal" units like Prime Teams and ground troops that would otherwise get themselves killed. Being freighters they are slow moving and vulnerable. The feds get a couple of hospital ships built from their old light cruiser (a real warship with full movement and so on), so they have the most effective ones.

Sector Bases.

From one of the recent new SFB units, a base that is an intermediate step between a Battle Station and a Starbase. It has the attack factors of a BATS, but more repair, defense, and so on.

Operational Bases.

Also from a recent SFB unit, this is a more advanced type of Mobile Base that is always "set up", and can move itself without a tug (although only at freighter speeds). Basically you have two types of mobile base now, both of which can later be upgraded to BATS, Starbase, etc..

Small Transports.

From SFB like the Prime Trader, APT, and Fed Express. These can carry one "passenger" like an admiral, Prime Team, etc... to ferry them between fleets. Can also carry one EP like a tug. Can be useful in a pinch, but mainly here to see some of the civilian type ships running around.

Theater Transports.

These are FFs and DWs that can move tug pods around (but not use them), like mini tugs. Useful to carry pods from one supply grid to another when the enemy has carved up your territory.

Diplomatic Teams.

These can be given several different missions, increase income from a captured planet, generate trade with allies, generate trade with neutral powers, swing neutral zone planets to your side, force a ceasefire in a given battle hex, and others. The Klingons were the only ones to have Diplomatic ships (being the only race to send their diplomats around on warships, D7 Diplomatic Cruiser, etc..) which can have an added effect.

Engineer Regiments.

Think Starfleet Corps of Engineers. These guys are basically a convoy of construction freighters and repair ships, as such they move much like a convoy. They can do any construction mission that a tug can do, and give you a 5 EP discount on the normal cost. They can do base upgrades, colony construction, and so on. They can also help recover devastated planets, and function as a SAF (and can even survive such a mission), and can participate in ground combat as combat engineers.

Survey Ships.

Explains what the off-map survey ships are actually like, and lets you build more of them or bring more of them off of survey duty and onto the map. Gives you more control over this formerly automated part of the basic rules.

New Ship Types:

Fed Battle Frigate variants, Klingon F6 variants, War Dreadnoughts (a really really tricked out war cruiser), lots of NCA variants (heavy scouts, heavy escorts, carriers, etc...)

New Scenario:


This is another of the "sectorized" scenarios. It covers the general war period from the end of the Gale Force scenario (Fighter Ops) to the beginning of the Winds of Fire scenario (Advanced Ops). It allows you to start the war with all the races in play without having to play through the lengthy early-war stages, and gives you a "historical" setup for this time period.

It is also divided into "sectors". Sector A is the Hydran/Lyran/Klingon area of the map. Sector B is the Kzinti/Lyran/Klingon area. Sector C is the northern portion of the Klingon/Federation border, and Sector D is the southern portion. Sector E is the Federation/Romulan border. Sector F is the Gorn/Romulan border. Sector G is the Tholian area (combined with sector D for this scenario).

This lets you play a smaller portion of the war (for a much shorter game than the entire map in action at once), and provides all the rules necessary for what resources (EPs, conversion slots, limited ship types, etc...) are available for each sector. You can play an individual sector, two or more of them, or all sectors combined (i.e. without any sector restrictions whatsoever, same as the regular game).

The SIT again has all the data for the new units available.

Feds about 30 new units
Klingons about 30 units
Roms about 25 new units
Kzin about 20 new units
Gorn about 20 new units
Tholian about 15 new units
Orion 4 new units
Hydran about 20 new units
Lyran about 20 new units
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