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Subject: too busy in a 4 player game rss

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John Heder
United States
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4 player game

Turn order and people playing and the order in which we sat around the board:


One of the first things I noticed was that I had a lot of money in the first quarter of the game. A lot! I was last and one of my workers was placed to get 3 more monies on the first turn. One of my other workers was placed to let me go second instead of last, and my third worker was placed to get some wood. (I think)

Second round, I built the douple purple production and snowden built the douple pink production. On the first turn Justin had built the 'sell a good for 6' building. Jason built the next two buildings - the mason and the lawyer. The double stone was not built until two or three buildings later - it ended up being just before the gold mine.

The turn order flipped around a lot, but somehow, it almost always ended up with the turn order matching our seating arangements. Jason started, Snowden was to his left, Justin to his left and me at the end. And for the majority of the game we had that order of play, just with different people as the first player. Kind of wierd.

During the game, Jason built a lot of buildings, Snowden built in the castle a lot and earned/bought quite a few favors which he mostly used to pimp out the points track. Jason and Justin both moved up the building track, and I struggled with money - after having so much at the start of the game, I quickly ran short and had to use most of my favors to get more, which was something I did NOT want to do. (I love the building track!)

I was able to build one of my favorite buildings - the church with the favor.

Jason was in the Inn for the first half of the game and was evbentually replaced by Snowden. Everybody was playing with the turn order AND buying favors. Snowden with his succesful deliveries and buying favors got him a considerable lead about half way through the game. The other three of us basicly were around the same place on points with only a few lagging back or moving forward away from the other two. This only changed at the last turn.

In the last quarter of the game I mostly collected goods, Jason continued to build, Snowden made a few more deliveries for more favors and points on point track, and Justin collected gold and stone and other goods to allow him to have at least two deliveries in the castle.

During the last two turns of the game, I had collected enough to ship off six bundles to the castle on the last turn, which filled it up and blocked Jason from making his deliveries. This turned out to really hurt Jason who was not in the lead. It hurt him by costing him a few points for not having made any deliveries in the last phase, by not being able to make the deliveries with the worker he had put in the castle, and by him not getting the six points for the two deliveries he had collected. Neither Snowden or Justin had placed workers in the castle that last turn.

Somewhere around the second or third to the last turn, Justin passed rather early which really hurt Snowden in some way. Snowden ran out of money and was unable to do something that stopped him from collecting 5 points or so. I don't remember exactly what it was, but I remember Snowden talking about how much it cost him when it happened, and mentioning it later. This and one other thing won Justin the game.

After spending several turns collecting gold and some stone and making sure he had moved up the building track and making sure he would get a favor in final scoring for the Tower building favor, Justin was able to build the 25 point building. This beat out my six deliveries and subsequent favors and moved him to the lead where he stayed. The final score put him one point in front of Snowden who was two points in front of me. Jason, being left out of the final deliveries at the end was left 15 points or so in the rear.

It was a good game, but it was very busy. I don't think there was a turn where the order didn't change - except for perhaps the final turn. There was also a lot of favors purchased and we filled all the castle spots.

Being as busy as it was I am surprised that there was not more building getting done. I built three residences - one on the last turn and two other residences were built, but still it seemed a little sparce on the building front.
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