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Subject: This Ain't Vietnam, Boy! rss

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Jeremy Fox
United States
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Me (Blue)
Uncle Leigh (Red)
Neutral Army (black)

Timed Match: 1 hour.

Friday Night. Uncle Leigh is chain smoking downstairs watching Deer Hunter again. Leigh has a chemical inbalance for which he is highly medicated. At one time Leigh considered himself Jesus and told all of us so (you can imagine how that put a damper on Thanksgiving). He also is sure that he is a veteran of the Vietnam war, unfortunately, he's too young and would never have been accepted in his condition.

After a quick invite upstairs, we begin. Leigh is Red and I am Blue.

We play the variant where instead of taking turns placing armies we deal out the cards so that your starting territories are random. We also deal in a third player who will be a neutral army who cannot attack but gets three armies on each territory dealt and can defend them to the death.

Leigh is already looking like he has America in a vice. He starts with almost all of South America and Europe. The neutral armies dot Asia and I am lucky in receiving 2 territories in Australia (not to mention that I'm dealt Siam).

The battle begins in full swing as Leigh annihilates my Brazilian forces, taking South America in one battle. He is not content with one continent and begins his slow march through America. He is able to take all but Alaska. My last bastion in this great country.

My turn. I gather my armies in New Guinea, America will have to wait. I sweep through the black neutral territories of Eastern Australia and Western Australia and fortify to Indonesia. At the very least, I am keeping pace with Uncle Leigh.

Leigh's Turn. With intense concentration he furls his brow watching, studying the blue army, seeking weakness. But I know what he wants: Alaska. A tale of bloodshed follows. All his reinforcements are placed in Alberta for an Alpha strike. After a long hard battle, a weakened army settles into Alaska over the ashes of my five blue armies. He gives up after this orgy of battle.

My Turn. I reinforce to Kamchatka, intent on taking back Alaska. I will not, cannot let the red army maintain such a victory. I roll terribly at first, and then begin to ride a wave of sixes with only four armies left in Kamchatka. Then two. Then one. I foolishly roll one die against his two. Win. Then it is one to one. Defender wins the tie but I am willing to take the RISK. I roll a two. No, this can't be. Leigh rolls a one. VICTORY! Sweet, sweet victory. We shake hands and I move one single blue army into hostile territory. This single blue plastic roman numeral knows that it is not long for this world. I fortify in hopes that two armies will somehow be able to defend against the Red hordes of America.

Leigh's turn. He turns in cards, receiving four armies and two extra on Scandinavia. He takes a good ten minutes staring at the board. I get up, get a glass of pinot noir, savor the aroma and wait for the slaughter to begin.

Alaska of course. From the Northwest Territory armies flood in, my defense rolls can only stave off so much, he retakes Alaska slightly weakened and then refreshes it with the armies of Alberta. Alaska is becoming a place of tears and defeat.

My turn. After all the lengthy pauses Leigh has taken at the beginning of his turns the timed match is almost up. I quickly turn in cards and claim six armies, my plan to take Europe and South America seemingly unshakeable in my mind. I drop into Africa through Western Europe quietly taking North Africa. My forces poise on the edge of the Atlantic, Brazil is in our path. The battle is fierce. After heavy losses on both sides, I realize that I will not be able to take South America. I now gather a last sally in Great Britain, hoping to extinguish the Red incursion in Scandinavia and Iceland. I take Scandinavia but have taken considerable losses. Iceland seems out of reach and is.

The timer buzzes at us. The game has ended. Leigh has 2 more territories than I have. He laughs heartily and promises to give me a chance to retake my pride.

Next time Uncle Leigh, I will not underestimate you nor your hearty Alaskan armies.

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