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Subject: Developing alternative form of progression rss

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Vladislav Goldakovsky
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In my playgroups, many players are "generalist" players, who want to try all the characters and play all of them to some degree, instead of sticking to one or two favorites. To help new players who assume this approach to the game, I tried to develop "unlock groups", which would be more useful for the purpose of smooth exploration than original "flights".
Soon, character roster will expand again, so I revisited this system and organized all characters into 10 new groups.

First two groups are considered unlocked from the start. Opponent can choose a character not higher than one group above your latest group.

The general rule we use for "unlocking" new group is: "To unlock Group 3 you have to play at least once every character in group 1 and at least 3 characters in Group 2."

Aside from mechanical complexity, additional criteria were execution and counter-playing difficulties as well some skill trends that I observed this past two years.

This is still work in progress, so constructive feedback will be appreciated.

Group 1:
Shekhtur Lenmorre
Eligor Larington
Hikaru Sorayama
King Alexian XXXVII
Karin Brandtford

Group 2:
Cesar Grist
Runika Zenanen
Kehrolyn Ross
Pendros Schalla
Luc von Gott
Jager Brandtford

Group 3:
Kallistar Flarechild
Vanaah Kalmor
Baenvier Marlgrove
Mikhail Isen
Lord Cairngort Rexan
Regicide Heketch

Group 4:
Ottavia Six
Demitras Denigrande
Hepzibah Culotre
Lesandra Machan
Lixis Ran Kanda
Clinhyde Eight

Group 5:
Kajia Septie Salix
Rukyuk Amberdeen
Sarafina Vanedran
Marmelee Greyheart
Magdelina Larington

Group 6:
Khadath Ahemusei
Clive Melmont
Thessala Three
Oriana Vellopholetta

Group 7:
Larimore Burman
Byron Krane
Lord Eustace
Zaamassal Kett
Cherri Seneca

Group 8:
Tatsumi Nuoc
Adjenna Callista
Gerard Matranga
Tanis Trilives
Joal Kalmor
Xenitia Zook

Group 9:
Arec Russel Zane
Voco Astrum
Kaitlyn Van Sorrel
Seth Cremull
Malandrax Mecchi
Iaxus the Shattered

Group 10:
Sagas Seities
Gaspar Geddon
Welsie Acktern
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United States
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For my group, I had it where you start out with the Novice flight characters "unlocked" (and there are threads for where the Fate and War characters could be sorted into Devastation's 5 flights on their respective boards).

Our ways to advance include having played a match as, or against, each character in that flight (thus getting a taste of each character of a given level, and allowing progression even if you have trouble winning), or using a character from your highest flight to beat someone who has ascended to a higher flight (thus demonstrating a basic understanding of the lessons necessary for that flight of play, beating someone who is probably better versed in the game).

You only advance one flight, even if you beat a "master" as a "novice," to prevent flukes leading to being overwhelmed by options and complexity.

This system has worked pretty well for us, as it allows people to discover which characters they would like to revisit, and doesn't require as many games to get to the next group.
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