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Richard Hutnik
United States
New York
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Predestination rules

By Rich Hutnik (Copyright 2013)

This game is one where one player knows all cards to be played by each player, and controls order of cards led, and stacks hands but other player picks trump suit. The game is cooperative.

Number of players for game: 2

Game objective: To score most points after 6 rounds of play.

Equipment used in game:
* Deck of playing cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of each suit are used)
* 6 Cards, numbers 0-5. An ace could be used as 1 and a joker as zero.

Before the game begins, the dealer arranges the 0-5 cards in order of the rounds they will appear. Each round a new card will be flipped face up.

Rules of play:
* Dealer deals out 10 cards from deck of playing cards, not the 0-5, to himself.
* Flip up one of the remaining 0-6 trick cards to dealer. Both players see this.
* Dealer then looks over 10 cards and distributes 5 cards to each of the two hands, and shuffles cards in hand for non-dealer player and gives them to the non-dealer, and then stacks their cards in order they will play.
* Non-dealer then declares trump suit.
* Dealer player always plays cards in order they arranged their hand. The dealer will set their cards into a stack face down and flip the cards over one at a time, for each trick to be played. Non-dealer gets to play any card. The dealer doesn't have to follow suit, but the non-dealer does.
* Repeat this for 6 rounds, each round the dealer and non-dealer try to make the bid set up in the beginning of the game, for the round it is revealed.

Scoring for a round:
* If the non-dealer fails to make the number of tricks they bid for the round, they lose as many points as the round it is. For example, in round 2, a failed making bid exactly loses 2 points, while in round 4 it would cost 4 points and round 1 would be 1 point.
* If players manage to make their bid exactly, players end up score as many points as the number of rounds in a row Players score 1 point for each round dealer and non-dealer match what dealer predicted in a row. For example, the first round players made their bids exactly, they score one point for that round, and if the players managed to predict exactly for 3 rounds, players score 3 points for the last round they made their bid perfectly.

* Non-dealer also predicts and players score one point for accurately predicting their tricks also.

Suggestion: In order to limit downtime, it is suggested players also be able to have each player have their own deck and act as a dealer for the other player, picking what hand to give opponent at same time. When doing this, two
rounds would be set up to play at the same time, or take place simultaneously.

Other notes:
* Have non-dealer lead. Dealer set up hand and leads with it. Following trump is not needed. Player who wins trick then leads. Also try this with dealer leader, and maybe both with non-dealer picking who leads (maybe 3, 4, 5 player leads and 2, 1, 0 tricks dealer leads).
* Make Aces lose a trick of led, and another card in same suit is played, and Aces win if they follow suit and is last card played. Have Jokers (2) work same way, but as trump card. Try also to flip this and see if it works.
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