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Yehuda Berlinger
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Nadine 54, Jon 49, Rivka 48, Adam 46, Binaymin 38

At 11:00, Rachel was almost going to play a 4 player game of PR with us, but Binyamin and Rivka wanted to join also rather than play something on the side with me. 5 players would have been too long for Rachel, so she wisely bowed out. Rivka took her spot, and we played 5 player anyway. I hope never to do this again, as 5 player PR is long enough, but Binyamin, Rivka, and also Adam, were again so slow as to try my patience. I was a little snarly, I admit, especially since I have more experience with the game then they do, and especially since it was the first time they were playing with some of my expansion buildings.

Some notable expansion buildings we played with include:

Assembly Line instead of Small Market.

Prospector's Cabin: 5/2. Allows you to either a) collect an additional 1 GP if you collect 1 GP from a privilege (Trader and Prospector), or b) collect 1 GP instead of using a privilege. I have tried to use this building before with only Prospector giving the additional bonus, and always found it to be too weak. This time I played with it and I killed with it. Everyone was convinced that it is broken, although I notice that no one else bought the other one. After all is said and done, it is not really broken.

A few things I did with it: take a corn plantation and a gold piece during Settler; take a useless phase with a gold on it, such as trader when I had no goods to trade, and still collect a gold piece; take a Prospector for 3 gold pieces a few times.

All in all, I gained an additional GP about 6 or 7 times in the first ten rounds of the game; I don't know if that is more than I would have gotten from Large Market, but somehow it seemed more annoying to the other players, because it is just so flexible. I ended up losing the game anyway, so that should say something. And it was because I didn't have enough money.

Large General Workhouse: 8/3, 2 circles. Counts as production circles for any type of good. So, along with manned matching plantations, allow you to produce anything. You choose each time you produce.


R Builder Rivka, Adam, and Binyamin are still exploring the game. Initially, Nadine and I tried to point out better or worse moves, especially if what they were about to do would greatly help one of us, but I decided early on that they should just play, as it was late, too long to explain some of the long range impacts of their moves, and it is better to let people work things out on their own, anyway.

There was no corn in the opening batch of plantations, and all 4 Small Indigo plants were bought here. I bought Small Sugar.

A Settler He was going to take Mayor, which wasn't a bad idea since he had an indigo and a Small Indigo Plant, but he ended up taking this instead, since he likes quarries. Binyamin started on tobacco, and Nadine started on coffee. The next set of plantations again didn't have any corn.
B Mayor Binyamin now had indigo running.
J Prospector
N Prospector

A Mayor I now had sugar working, Nadine still had corn, and everyone else had indigo.
B Craftsman+ This is where I gave up trying to give advice this game, as this move clearly helped me. Binaymin didn't see why.
J Trader+ I sell sugar, netting 4 GP.
N Captain+
R Settler Binyamin gets his 2nd tobacco. Finally some corns come out.

B Builder+ Binyamin buys Tobacco. I buy Prospector's Cabin, without realizing its potential, yet.
J Prospector+
N Prospector+
R Mayor
A Settler Adam takes a corn, but Binyamin takes another tobacco. He says he doesn't like corn, much. I take my second corn.

J Trader+ I use my Prospector's Cabin to net 2 GP on an otherwise useless phase.
N Builder Nadine builds Large General Workhouse. She has running indigo, and is about to have running tobacco and coffee, now. One of the things about LGW is it allows people to still produce tobacco and coffee, even after the standard production buildings are out.
R Prospector
A Mayor
B Settler Binyamin takes a quarry, and I take a coffee, I think. By the end of the game, I have 4 running corns, sugar, and coffee.

N Craftsman++ This gives Binyamin tobacco, and Nadine tobacco and coffee.
R Prospector+
A Captain++ In theory, Binyamin could have been forced to ship his tobacco, but Binaymin wanted to do that, and Adam didn't want him to do that, so Adam instead shipped his sugar.
B Trader Binaymin trades tobacco, Nadine trades coffee.
J Settler I take a corn and a gold piece for forgoing a quarry.

R Builder+ Rivka buys tobacco; both she and Binaymin produce three tobaccos each. Binyamin and Nadine both buy Discretionary Hold (or Nadine buys it next round). I buy coffee.
A Mayor+
B Prospector+
J Settler Again I take a corn and a GP. I now have 4 corns. Nadine is producing indigo, tobacco, and coffee. Rivka is producing tobacco, sugar, and indigo. Adam has indigo, corn, and sugar, and will soon have coffee. Binaymin has tobacco, sugar, and indigo.
N Prospector

A Builder Adam now builds coffee. He actually has room to produce three coffees with Assembly Line.
B Mayor I'm happy to get colonists, because my corns need filling.
J Trader+ I take the gold again, with nothing to trade.
N Prospector
R Craftsman+ Setting me up to trade coffee.

B Captain++
J Trader I trade coffee, Nadine trades tobacco.
N Prospector+
R Mayor
A Settler+ Both Rivka and Adam have or had Haciendas going, and Binaymin got a Construction Hut at some point.

J Builder+ I build Wharf.
N Mayor+
R Prospector+
A Craftsman+
B Trader Binaymin trades tobacco, and the Trading House is full and emptied.

N Trader
R Captain++ At this point I'm shipping 5 corns on my wharf each Captin, ot blocking a boat. However, others are shipping a lot of tobacco, sugar, and other things, so I'm inching ahead in shipping points, but my building is still weak. However, aside from the one big building I buy, I never buy anything else for the rest of the game. And I buy the wrong building, Cathedral (think Guild Hall), rather than Custom's House which I should have bought. I guess I figured I was going to have another chance, but I didn't.
A Builder Adam builds Factory, Binaymin builds Wharf.
B Mayor
J Prospector+

R Settler++ The plantations are pretty much already all gone.
A Trader
B Craftsman+
J Prospector+ I now have enough for my big building.
N Captain

A Builder+ Adam builds Harbor, I build Cathedral.
B Prospector+ He takes it, not wanting me to get three more GPs.
J Craftsman Which I didn't care about, anyway, or so I thought.
N Trader Nadine has enough for a big building, now.
R Captain Rivka's shipping was not too shabby, I knew, but mine was still better.

B Trader Binyamin hopes to get a big building, but never does. Rivka and Adam both eventually take one, and Nadine takes a second.
J Craftsman
N Builder She takes Fairgrounds, which is worth 7 for her once she takes a quarry.
R Mayor++
A Prospector+

J Captain+ The victory points are now down to 8.
N Settler++ Trader
R Trader
A Builder Adam takes Fortress, Nadine takes Custom's House, Rivka takes City Hall. Or something like that.
B Mayor+

N Prospector++
R Captain Ending the victory points.
A Builder Ending the meaningful phase choices.
B Prospector++
J Settler

Final scores:

Nadine: 24S + 19B + 11b = 54
Jon: 31S + 14B + 4b = 49
Rivka: 25S + 17B + 6b = 48
Adam: 22S + 19B + 5b = 46
Binyamin: 24S + 14B + 0b = 38

Nadine adds:

Rivka got her big building in round 13. Her selection of Trader in round 14 is what enabled me to build the second big building, making up for Binyamin's Craft in front of you in the second round - she traded sugar and I traded Coffee, I was last but no one else could trade. Rivka did buy two more small buildings, which helped with City Hall. Adam took Customs House, I had Fortress which only gave 4 points.

I didn't have a Quarry til the end and never used it, the first time I've done that. I mainly took Workhouse due to bad plantations choices so I had both Coffee and Tobacco early on. Which I usually wouldn't do, but it ended up being handy with the Workhouse.

We should have reminded Binyamin that he would be better off with a big building instead of Wharf near the end of the game because he had Discretionary Hold, but he wanted to buy a building, and it's harder to remember all this at 1 am. 5-player is always fun and interesting, a very different game than 3 or 4-player.
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