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Subject: Game Play Questions?????? rss

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1. The rules state that the climber may take one other player with him when he moves. Does this other player need to be adjacent to the climber or can this other player be located anywhere on the board.

2. I assume that if a player is buried in sand, that the climber can't take this player along. Is that correct?

3. For the Explorer special ability the rules state: The Explorer can move, remove sand, and may use Dune Blasters Diagonally. Does this mean that the Explorer can move and remove sand as an extra turn? Or does it mean the Explorer can move once for free or remove sand once for free. Basically, what exactly is it's special ability, if you wouldn't mind spelling it out in more detail.

4. Solar Shield Card: After reading a previous posting on this forum about the shield moving with you from tile to tile, I'm now totally confused about what I thought was the way this card could be used. I thought that the player who has the solar shield card in from of them, may play it at any time and all other players with their pawns on this player's tile are protected, but only until play gets back to the person who played the shield card. If that's correct, what are they talking about the solar shield moving with you from tile to tile. Is that just another way of saying that everyone is protected even during their turns even when leaving the card player's tile. Again, if someone could spell this out for me or tell me that my understanding of it was correct.

5. Am I correct in saying that in a 2 player game that the storm level can be placed as low as to give you exactly 15 moves up before hitting the skull and cross bones? Just not sure if I'm going by the dashes on the very edge of the storm panel or by the white dashes to the right of the edge markers.

Just want to be able to play this game the way the designer intended.

Thanks to all in advance.

Arthur Reilly
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Baminar Took
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Greetings Arthur.

There are far more experienced players that can answer more informatively and authoritatively than I can, but I'll attempt to answer your questions the best I can.

1) [Regarding the Climber carrying another player]
As I understand it, the other player must be on the same tile as the Climber in order for the Climber to take that player with him.

2) [Regarding a buried player and the Climber on the same tile]
The rulebook states "Pawns on the Climber's tile are never buried and can leave the tile containing the Climber even if there are 2 or more Sand markers on it." I understand this to mean that the other player, on their turn, can take actions including moving off the tile while the Climber is on that same blocked tile. On his turn, the Climber can carry that other player away with his movement action. Additionally, the Navigator would also be able to move the other pawn off a blocked tile while the Climber is on that tile too.

3) [Regarding the Explorer diagonal special ability]
I believe that it simply means that in addition to normal orthogonal movement and actions (Up/Down/Left/Right) that the other characters are limited to, the Explorer is not limited to just those directions, but can also move/take actions diagonally as normal actions - not additional/free actions.

4) [Regarding the Solar Shield moving]
You are correct in your understanding of the use of the Solar Shield. It can be used at any time including on another player's turn, and it expires at the beginning of your next turn after deploying it. Essentially the solar shield stays with the player, not the tile it was deployed on. So, if you play it at the beginning of your turn, and then take movement actions the shield moves with you. If you have deployed the shield at the end of your turn, and the Navigator or the Climber moves you, the shield moves with your character. If you move off a tile leaving any other players behind, the shield moves with you and the other player(s) left behind are left unprotected. So when the Sun Beats Down card is drawn, any players concurrently on the same tile with you at that time are protected by the shield.

5) [Regarding the Storm Tracker advancement]
You should be using the thin white lines as the levels. Each of the beginning 4 levels of each number of players are labelled Novice to Legendary. So for a two player game, the 13th increase from a Storm Picks Up card would place you at the Skull & Crossbones.

I can understand and relate to your desire to play as the designer intended, but I'm also open to some house-rules as I am firmly in the "This game kicks my butt!" camp. There have been some good house-rules posted in these forums to help make the game a little more manageable. I have not yet used any of them, and I've only played about 10 games. 3 of those in Novice mode of which 1 ended with my only win so far.

However you play it, good luck and have fun!

"Tooks are lucky, they've got those deep holes in the Green Hills, the Great Smials and all, and the ruffians can't come at 'em,; and they won't let the ruffians come on their land. If they do, the Tooks hunt 'em." - JRR Tolkien - Return of the King

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