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Subject: A solo session rss

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Gary Barnett
United Kingdom
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Played a couple of solo sessions of Elysium just to get a feel for the cards and how it plays.

Played two player rules simply using a dice to remove cards/quests for the AI with a view to seeing what sort of score I could achieve. I was starting player with 1 vp and 4 gold. I used the normal scoring rules but gave myself the family bonus (5vp) if I completed a family and only gave myself the level bonus if I completed the level. A roll of 1-2 means the AI removed the 3 + 3 quest (unless I'd taken it when it would take the other quest), a roll of 3-4 AI took a card from the end of row one and 5-6 from the end of row 2. Once a quest was taken or a row emptied, then I ignored that row quest and take quest/card based on 1-3, 4-6 rolls. The seventh card I started in between the rows and it joined whichever row a card was taken from first.

I did not use the Poseidon, Ares or Apollo cards and if a card came out that had an ability that was entirely based on another players Domain, I discarded it. It should be possible to do with Apollo, however, to change the mix, though I don't see a way of trying this using Poseidon or Ares really. It is far from a perfect simile of the two player game but was fun enough.

You still have to figure the best selection of cards to take and still have to figure the best column to discard and whether to take a quest early. Those decisions remain.

This was my best effort, 75 VP. Have to say that the late appearance of the Hephaestus card allowing exchange of money for VP was pretty central to this high score, however. The other occasion I tried it I scored 61 VP and that also included use of the gold/VP exchange. I suspect the score would be much lower without. Though I did not get much of a run of Hades cards this time which would have allowed me to transfer more cards into my Elysium.

It is a game I like so far. Lots to think about and good tough decisions as to what cards/quests to prioritise. It certainly helps to have knowledge of the cards, however.


Played a couple more times, including the following effort amassing 63 vP:

And the following game using the Apollo foresight cards (instead of Hermes) which only just fell short of the gold-fuelled 75 vp, amassing 74 vp. If only all the families had not been Athenaen!

I found this all quite addictive actually!
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Bob Keller

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8-card solo variant:

1) Eight cards (two rows of four) are placed in the Agora

2) Quests 1 and 2 are placed in the Temple (2-player game)

3) 10-sided die is used by the dummy player to remove cards and quests corresponding to the positions in the Agora and Temple

4) Positions (left to right):

1: Quest 1
2: Quest 2
3: 1st card in Row 1
4: 2nd card in Row 1
5: 3rd card in Row 1
6: 4th card in Row 1
7: 1st card in Row 2
8: 2nd card in Row 2
9: 3rd card in Row 2
10: 4th card in Row 2

5) When a card is taken by the human player or removed by the dummy player, it's very important to keep the remaining cards in their corresponding positions (do not slide or shift the cards!!!)

6) If the number on the die corresponds to an empty (having no card or quest) position, reroll the die

7) If the number on the die forces the dummy player to remove a 2nd quest (see Rule 8), reroll the die

8) The dummy player must remove no more than one quest per Epoch (round)

9) On Turn 4 of an Epoch, the dummy player (if the starting player) must remove a quest if a quest was not removed (by the dummy player) on the previous three turns (see Rule 8):

a) The remaining quest
b) If both quests remain:
"Odd" number on die roll: Quest 1
"Even" number on die roll: Quest 2

Note: The term "remove(d)" refers to the dummy player

Alternative 7-card solo variant:

Rules are the same as the 8-card solo variant with the following exceptions:

1) Seven cards (four in Row 1 and three in Row 2) are placed in the Agora

2) Player's Choice:

On a die roll of "10", the human player will discard any card from the Agora or quest from the Temple (Note: The human player cannot discard a quest if one quest remains and the player has not taken a quest)

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