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Subject: A massive 2-player victory!! rss

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Sean Franco
United States
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If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strange birds and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you?
This is written at the expense of maybe not being read, seeing as how at the time of writing, the seven most posts on the Puerto Rico boards are session reports. Huh.

Anyways, an epic battle between myself (Sean N.) and Sean C. emerged tonight. The offical 2-player varient was used. Sean Chick was first govenor.

Early in the game, I was producing tobacco and two corn. With this, I was able to lock down the two boats fairly easily. This seems to be the main way to go in a 2-player game, as good or bad as that may be. Sean C. was producing only indigo, followed later by a sugar. Since I was selling my goods (and never making too much of either), the boats never filled to soon, and Sean C. constantly was dumping goods until he bought a small warehouse.

Sean C.'s short term victory came over me when he snagged the Customs House from my grasp. For more than half the game, I had been shipping, with a sizable stack of VPs, and he had no VP chips at all. His move of the Customs House was critical to blocking me, but we discussed it later and decided he probably would have been better off with a Wharf.

I did manage to get a Harbor around the same time, however, so everytime I shipped I was making about 7 VP (2 goods + 1 harbor + 2 goods + 1 harbor + 1 captain). Sean C. grabbed two more big buildings, and I got a Residence, followed by the Hacienda to pump the Residence up. (This was the latest in any game that I've seen the Hacienda built. I thought that was neat.) The game ended as Sean C. filled his 12th city space.

Sean N's board:
Tobacco Storage, Office, Harbor, Small Indigo Plant, Factory, Hacienda, Residence
3 corn, 3 tobacco, 1 sugar, 1 coffee, 3 indigo
Produced 3 corn, 2 tobacco, 1 indigo, 2 doubloons

Sean C.'s board
Small Market, Large Market, Small Sugar Mill, Small Warehouse, Cunstruction Hut, Indigo Plant, City Hall, Customs House, Fortress
2 indigo, 2 tobacco, 2 sugar, 2 quarry
Produced 2 indigo, 1 sugar

The score:
Sean N.
Shipping: 38
Buildings: 17
Residence: 11
Total: 66

Sean C.
Shipping: 7
Buildings: 20
Customs House: 1
City Hall: 7
Fortress: 6
Total: 41
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Sean Chick (Formerly Paul O'Sullivan)
United States
New Orleans
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Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?
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