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Some tips of each faction with tactical adice I add my info when i will have more games.


Duskland, on 03 Jun 2015 - 8:16 PM, said:

Terrans: You're tough and devestating at close range, but you're also slow and short ranged. You really need to drive forward to the secondaries as fast as possible to get your firepower into play. Make use of your allies (Hawker) to distract and harass the flanks of your opponents forces, so they can't focus on your tanks early on.

If you're facing skydrop races try and keep your infantry out of buildings. The Nyx will just wait for you to enter and then assault.

Sorylian: You've got a range advantage against most other races, so use it. If you've got the firing range try and stay still to get the 3+ shots. Your armor and shields make you one of the toughest factions. In a long range shoot out you'll generally win, so expect your opponent to close to deny you those long range shots. Punish him with your Bor'kas and jet bikes. Your infantry is pretty nasty, so expect drop troops to target your heavies instead. Set up some overwatching units to deter them.

Dindrenzi: You've got mobility on your side, so try and hit your opponent where he's weak. Your hover tanks are fast and maneuverable, but have only a moderate range. Try and keep them screened from your opponents long range firepower until they can close.

If you've got lots of skydrop units you have the advantage of choosing when and where to engage. Just remember that dropping units into heavy enemy concentrations is a good way to lose them. Try not to be defeated in detail. Also remember that sometimes the best use of a skydropped unit is to not use them. A Nyx squad held in reserve can be far more unnerving for your opponent then the effect they'll cause on the ground.

Relthoza: You've got good stats across the board (mobility, armor, firepower), but you'll have trouble if you match up against your enemies strength. Instead go after their weaknesses. If they're short ranged, stay away from them. If they're long range then close as fast as you can. Your heavies and mediums are tough enough that you can let them take some fire. Use your lights as hunting packs to take out any units that try to flank your big guns. You have skydrop infantry, but try to resist using them as suicide troops. You're better off using them to pick off stragglers or tank destroyers who've split off the main enemy force.

Kraggi, on 04 Jun 2015 - 10:24 AM, said:

Personally I find the Directorate are a lot about the synergy of the units and complementing each other.

With debilitating effect markers on a large number of units you will find that focusing your fire will work really well at whittling down your opponent. Their Cyber Warfare really can change the game giving units Dis-Order & Activation markers to try and stop them getting their key units into the right place.

Generally I find that their tactics will change against each opponent, vs Terrans you want to stay still and get your placed shots on a 3+, until you can close to your own short range to maximise your damage output, against Sorylians you will need to advance in cover as quickly as possible.

Bringing the Wraith in offers you a highly mobile firebase, with an incredible threat range for its weapons, and the troops it is transporting.

The Aquans are my other force, and their game plan is to keep moving with hit & run, and use Crystals to get those critical flank / rear shots. You really do not want to let the enemy get too close to you. They also offer the ability to hide your models out of sight entirely, bring in a Votari crystal, and use that to shoot an enemy that cannot even see you.

Hope that helps.
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