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Subject: Two stackable variants to increase difficulty rss

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Jason Clarke
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Like a few others on here, while I really enjoyed the game experience, I was missing the thrill of defeat a bit.

Here are two variants that are stackable, so you can add either one or the other, or both to your game to increase difficulty. I personally add both now and can say I have enjoyed losing again.

The first: Broken Chains Variant

In another thread, Tony commented:

“As a variant to increase difficulty, try only allowing attacks if the chain has a beginning and end. If the start chain ever gets slain, the chain shatters and you lose the whole connecting chain.”

Broken Chains starts with that idea, but defines what happens to the other minions instead of simply discarding them. It also defines what happens if the end of a chain is slain.

So, like Tony’s variant, every chain must have a beginning and an end, and not necessarily a middle.

- If the minion at the head of chain is slain, all of the remaining minions in that chain go back into the player’s hand, respecting hand limits.
- If the minion on the end of a completed chain is slain and no chain has started behind, the player may continue to build on that chain.
- If the minion on the end of a completed chain is slain and there is a complete chain behind it. The first chain drops behind the second chain.
- If the minion on the end of a completed chain is slain and an unfinished chain is behind it, the minions of the broken chain return to the player’s hand, respecting hand limits.

The second: Persistent Resolve Variant

In addition to the main discard pile, this variant adds a Hero Discard pile.

When cards benefiting the Heroes (potions, items, abilities and Heroes Attack cards) would normally go into the discard pile, they would instead go into the Hero Discard pile.

If, after a Heroes Attack card is resolved, the number of cards in the Hero Discard pile is greater than 10, those cards should be seeded (inserted evenly) back into the draw deck, and the draw deck shuffled.

When a hero is killed, any of their remaining cards in the Hero Discard pile should be moved to the main discard pile. Future cards drawn that belong to a fallen hero should be discarded to the main discard pile.
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Gregory Curtis
United States
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Ill be interested to try this. The Hero Discard could be brutal in later stages of the game as the mix will tip heavily to hero cards in those later stages of the game.

One other small variant I think I may add as well I read from someone else is that in the case of a Heroes Attack and its an empty column you immediately draw two cards and discard unless they are heroes cards which go into play. This is sort of a penalty to trying to stack all on one or two columns and leaving the others empty. Then once you "process" the two cards they go ahead and attack adjacent columns like normal etc.

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