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Subject: Rousse 20 solo replay: the second day of battle (an illustrated AAR) rss

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David McKenna
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Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?
Click here to withdraw to the first day of battle!

Turn 7: 23/06, Morning (Ottoman morale 5, Russian morale 9)

(random event = ‘Protect the colours!’ Not likely to have any effect)
(Ottoman command roll = may move 6 units)
Akinji moves to engage 1 Chass, with Kirjali moving to cross the Danube, Haiduk to engage Artillery (in Rousse), Youruk moving north cross-country, Djellis to engage 1 Chass and Garipler moving NW of Djellis.

Akinji attacks 2 Chass, forcing them to withdraw it being unable to advance. Haiduk attack Artillery (in Rousse), remaining engaged. Finally, Djellis (who waver) attacks 1 Chass over the river, but are themselves routed 7 hexes (-1 Ottoman morale), with 1 Chass opting not to advance.

(random event = ‘Markov marches’. XV gains +1MA)
IX and 2 Chass both move to engage Akinji, with XXII moving west along the road out of Malaya Slobozia, XV towards Slobozia and both 1 Chass and Cossacks to engage Garipler.

Akinji disengages into the marshes, with IX opting to maintain contact.

Artillery attacks Haiduk (who waver), routing Haiduk 4 hexes (-1 Ottoman morale). IX attacks Akinji (who also waver), but are themselves forced to withdraw. Finally, 1 Chass and Cossacks combine to attack Garipler, with both attackers routed: 1 Chass 5 hexes (-1 Russian morale) and Cossacks 3 hexes. 1 Chass fail hazardous retreat roll (over river) and so break instead (+1 Ottoman morale), as do Cossacks (another +1 Ottoman, -1 Russian morale), with Garipler advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 7

Turn 8: 23/06, Mid-day (Ottoman morale 5, Russian morale 7)

(random event = ‘Janissary Fanaticism’. No effect as both such units currently out of play)
(Ottoman command roll = may move 6 units)
Kirjali crosses to the island outside Petrushany, with Youruk closing in on Rousse, Garipler moving to the road leading to the same and Derbert along that road as do both Agir Top and Djellis.

With no force marching or combat, the Ottomans then declare this a ‘lull’ turn (+1 Ottoman morale).

(random event = ‘Voinov’s massed charge’. No effect as Cossacks currently broken)
2 Chass and IX both move to engage Akinji (again), with XV moving into Slobozia, XXII moving west cross-country towards Petrushany and Artillery moving to engage both Derbert and Youruk.

Akinji withdraw, with IX again maintaining contact. Youruk counter-charge Artillery [note: made a mistake here as Irregular cavalry cannot counter-charge], routing Artillery a single hex back into Rousse.

IX attacks Akinji, routing Akinji 7 hexes (-1 Ottoman morale), with Akinji breaking on attempting to cross to island outside Petrushany (+1 Russian morale) and with IX advancing after combat.

Situation at end of turn 8

Turn 9: 23/06, Afternoon (Ottoman morale 5, Russian morale 8)

(random event = ‘Smoke obscures the battlefield’. Cannot combine units in attack)
(Ottoman command roll = may move 6 units)
Kirjali crosses back to the southern side of the Danube, with Derbert moving east, Garipler moving west of Derbert, Djellis closing in on Rousse as does Agir Top and Haiduk moving onto the same road.

With no combat or force marching, the Ottoman are again able to declare this a ‘lull’ turn (+1 Ottoman morale)

(random event = ‘Cossack scouts’. No effect)
IX moves into Petrushany, with both 2 Chass and XXII heading towards that location and with XV moving to the island outside Rousse as Artillery moves to engage Garipler, Djellis and Youruk.

Garipler counter-charges Artillery, remaining engaged.

Artillery attacks Garipler, Djellis and Youruk, forcing all 3 defenders to withdraw.

Situation at end of turn 9

Turn 10: 23/06, Dusk (Ottoman morale 6, Russian morale 8)

(random event = ‘Washed-out terrain’. All cavalry and irregular units have -1 MA)
(Ottoman command roll = may move 5 units)
Kirjali move up road towards Rousse with Derbert, Garipler and Haiduk all moving to engage Artillery as Tufkeji move along their road to Rousse.

Derbert (who waver), Garipler and Haiduk all combine to attack Artillery, who commit reserves (-1 Russian morale) but are still forced to withdraw, with Garipler losing command control and advancing after combat.

(random event = ‘Conflicting orders’. Routed marker placed on XV)
The Russians spend a morale point to force mar have (-1 Russian morale), allowing both IX and 2 Chass to move onto the island outside Petrushany, with XXII moving into that location.

Garipler disengages from Artillery.

Sudden death roll = game continues

Situation at end of turn 10

Turn 11: 23/06, Evening (Ottoman morale 6, Russian morale 6)

(random event = ‘Help from Ismail-Bey’. No effect)
(Ottoman command roll = may move 8 - I.e. All still in play - units)
Kirjali moves to block the crossing outside Petrushany, with Garipler and Haiduk moving to engage Artillery, Youruk west along the road to south of Kirjali, Djellis onto same road and both Agir Top and Tufkeji closing in on Rousse.

Haiduk and Garipler attack Artillery, forcing the defenders to withdraw. This is a hazardous retreat (into Rousse), which Artillery fails and so breaks instead (+1 Ottoman morale, -1 Russian morale), with Garipler losing command control and advancing after combat. Derbert attacks the Russian garrison in Rousse, forcing the defenders to withdraw: a result which they are able to ignore due to fortified terrain.

(random event = ‘Intelligence Gathering’. Next card will be ‘Exhausted Horses’)
With nobody really able to, or wanting to, move, it’s straight to reaction phase.

Kirjali withdraws, with IX maintaining contact.

IX attacks both Kirjali and Youruk, forcing both defenders to withdraw and advancing after combat.

Sudden death roll = game ends, with a draw (Ottoman morale 7, Russian morale 5)

Situation at end of game

Final Thoughts

If I’m honest, I was really surprised that ended the way it did with an Ottoman victory: with a preponderance of cavalry, a restrictive command hierarchy and most of their forces either reluctant or irregular, I really thought they would be onto a hiding for nothing!

For the Russians, I (initially) failed to see how they could lose: yes, they have less troops but what they do have is superior in quality, AND they only had to hold on to Rousse, which seemed quite far away from the initial starting positions. Of course, that also means that the loss of a single unit would count against the Russians far more than against the Ottomans, as it proved to be when both Cossacks and 1 Chass broke in the same engagement (which also proved to be a turning point).

What was also noticeable in this was the scale of the map, which seemed (rightly or wrongly) more ‘zoomed in’ than any previous game in the series, primarily due to the Danube river and the islands in it bisecting the battlefield. I think I also made a tactical error in marching the XV down to the crossing point outside Rousse instead of further East, which left only the Russian Artillery unit in the southern side of that river to (try to) hold of the Ottoman forces.

In the end, however, numbers told …

Morale over course of battle

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Lance McMillan
United States
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Featuring one of the greatest force disparities in the series, this battle is a really tough one for the Russians. The Ottomans have twice as many units and more than 50% more raw combat strength than their opponents, and while it may be difficult for them to bring that advantage to bear, all it takes is for one Russian unit (even one of the weak Chasseurs) to break and that's often enough to compromise the entire Russian line. The Russian player needs to realize, early on, that he's really not trying to acheive a victory in the classic sense, but rather just struggling to survive. I think Kutuzov realized this, which is why he elected to abandon Rousse and cede the field to the Ottomans after the first day, even though he'd managed to successfully fight them to a standstill.
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Yang Ping
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I am a Chinese gamer.
Hi, Lance. I also played this scenario 2 times, Ottoman side won all the game. Too many cavelaries from Ottoman, which can go through south to flank Russian or cut Russian's LOC. I am not sure whether this is common in other plays?
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