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Subject: Card game idea, using standard deck. rss

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chris phillips
United States
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Hello, Was working on a game idea using standard card deck. Wrote rules quickly so is really just a draft of ideas. Wanted to ask what others thought if this game idea would work using standard card deck. Will need lots of tweaking but thoughts? I hope there isn't a similar game. Would love to incorporate dice as well. Not sure how.

To Catch a Queen- Title

Each player gets the Ace-Jack-King –Queen of a suit and place side by side in front of you.

Each player draws 5 cards. Place rest of the cards in the middle draw pile.

On your turn you get 1 action:

1.Place a card in front of you near the center. This is the battle area.( If you have cards of the same number or suit, you may place them the same time.)
2.Place a card as defense, in front of Ace-Jack-King or Queen( you may have only 1 card in front of each during the game.)
3.Place a card in front of another players defense card. This card was a scout.
4. Draw up to 5 cards at the end of your turn.

Battle phase:
At any time a card is in the battlefield, and you have at least one as well you may elect to battle. You would battle anyone who has cards in the battlefield don't have to battle everyone who has cards. Highest card total wins and takes the other cards. Some cards do have special effects. Place those cards in your pile.
1. For each card you have of the same suit you get +1 battle point
2. For each double you get +1 battle point.
Joker : Worth 1 battle point, If you lose battle, you keep the Joker.

Sending a card as a scout:
You may flip over an opponent’s defense card to see what they have.
1.If your card is higher than theirs, you may switch your card with theirs.
2. If their card is higher than yours, you lose the card to your opponent.

Once an opponent has captured the amount of cards needed they can attempt to capture one of your royalty cards. (joker-jack-King Queen.)
To capture you need the following amount of cards that you won in battle:
Queen:10 ( Can only capture the Queen after all other cards are captured)

To attempt to capture a card show your opponent your card total. Announce which card to capture.
Add up the card total, opponent flips over their defense card. Subtract the defense card from attacking players card total. Royalty cards have special features.

Ace: You need 25 points to capture.
Jack: Subtract all cards by 1 point. You need 35 points to capture.
King: All 10’s are worth 1 point. You need a total of 35 up topoints to capture.
Queen: You need a card total of 50 to capture. She can take a card from an opponent. Subtract from opponents.

If the attacking players card total is higher they capture your card. If your card total is higher you defend and opponent fails to capture your card. Either way the player discards all cards.

Once all players have lost their royalty cards except 1 player, that person is the winner.
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