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Subject: Hey! This teen got Exxtra words fo ya! rss

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Ian Johnson
United States
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The number of players for this game is 3-6. For ages 8 and up. Exxtra takes approx. 30 min. Of course, many of you out there have experienced the joys and agonies of winning and losing. Yes, I did too, you're not alone. Exxtra gives the player an option if you want to be mean devil by knocking off your opponents peice that is on the movement ladder, or, you can be nice by avoiding causing mischief, so if you roll a higher number than your opponent, you put it higher on the ladder than your opponent, but...surprise the worst way to lose (as I have many times before) is if you roll an X on your rolls after your first roll then have to move back one, that just rots! Never forget about the dreaded cry DOUBLE X!
Double X moves you back TWO spaces on a roll after your first roll. If you get either double ones, twos, or threes, you move either one space, two spaces, or three spaces. Exxtra gives the player a new perspective in what a dice game is all about! Craps, well, I like that, but I would play Exxtra any day! Listen to your ancestors...they are whispering to you...what do they say? I know, they are saying, "HEY YOU! Get your own copy of Exxtra so you can enjoy it like this kid did! Whattya sittin here for? Go on! Either play the game, or get one for yourslef!"
Now I may have skipped on one cool feature: the special type of dice. They are both six-sided, but one has a seven on it and an X on it, replacing the usual 5 and 4, and the other die has an X replacing the 4 on it, making it possible to roll double X or double 1-3. The board comes in 4 fractions, like a puzzle, when put together, resembles a huge X. It has 22 spaces on it, where you need to go from start to ziel (finish).
There are six ladder rungs in the middle of the giant X. Each rung represents the movement patterns of your own peice and your opponent's peices as well! The ladder rungs are arranged as of 0-5, only one set of dice can be on a rung at a time, except for the 0 rung, that is. If by some (very unusual or strange) reason, even everyone could be on the 0 rung at anytime! Sure, you won't be moving anywhere anytime fast, but it is a good precaution.
Say, if I put my dice on the 4th rung, now it is your turn. On my turn, I rolled a 64, now it comes to your turn, you roll a (lucky... yuk ) 72, now that is pretty good, but not the best roll, now, you put your dice under mine and the opponent's as well. Now the dice amounts that are lower or equal to that amount that you rolled and that are on a higher rung than yours, all of those dice amounts come straight off, no questions asked!
Now, the number arrangements, this is easy, the highest amount out of your two dice, such as a 7, would be in the tens place, and the lower amount is the ones place. Now, if someone were to roll a 76, the best roll by the way, and recently knocked off another person's dice, I could put a lower amount ABOVE those dice, and my dice would not be affected.
I, in particular, have only one bad part for this game, it can get very strenuous. The best parts are it's gambler's touch and it's unpredictable outcomes! I had a good time the first time I had played this, I thought to myself, " I WANT THAT!!!!" Well, now I got it! It is a very fun game and is easy to learn, so, hey, if I thought it was this good, many others might also. I may be a kid, but I can tell what a good game is and what a bad game is for myself , so I have no doubts for this game being a huge hit in many gaming conventions and/or basic households!
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