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Subject: Wall-to-Wall Monster (2 player session) rss

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When I read about this game on BGG, I was very intrigued by the idea of escaping monsters in a dungeon. I thought there would be three of them because there were three different ones in the images on BGG.

When I got the game and realized that there was only one monster in the dungeon, I thought it would be relatively easy to escape, especially with only two players, but that is not the case at all.

This monster really gets around, and he has a major appetite.

This was about our sixth game, and we are now feeling like we have a much better idea of all the tactics available in this game. We played the basic game.

Me: The High Schoolers
Penny: The Family

First Half:

After everyone was in, there was a big crowd around the entrance with everyone hiding behind available stones, and each other. The expressions on the people's faces are so appropriate as everyone cowers behind any available cover.

After half a dozen plays we have learned not to just make a bee-line for the exit on every move. Not using all of your movement, or not moving at all, is often the best choice. However, early on the monster was directly behind a stone behind which three of us were hiding, threatening to mush us all against the wall. We got out of there, and we each managed to get someone across the long blood pool.

Then, on the two-hit tile, the monster passed through the wall at D came out, ate one of mine, then went in at N, came out and ate another one of mine. My wife had carefully manoevered her pieces so that two of her tokens were equidistant from the monster's path. It saved her token that could only move 1 from certain death and guaranteed that two of mine got killed instead.

Later the monster passed through the wall at Y and came out near the exit. This was bad news for Penny, but not for me since two of mine had to start over. Penny lost two of her tokens. The monster then passed from N to N in its final move of the first half.

Second Half:

We really got into some cool moves in this half, when losses are permanent. We pushed stones to get in behind them. I once set up two of my tokens only one space on either side of the monster's path to save them. We sometimes moved tokens away from the exit to wait for a better opportunity, although I find that this game is so well designed that you can't do a lot of backtracking before you've missed any opportunity of escaping.

We also used our tokens as distant distractors to lure the monster away from more vital tokens. Of course you bank on the monster not moving far enough to get you, or on him finding something more tempting before he gets to you.

When we were down to the third last tile, I had one out and Penny had none, and most of the rest of our tokens were near the exit. That's when the monster appeared out of the star on the two-hit tile and ate one of each of our tokens. In the end I got two of mine out compared to my wife's one, so I won. Three tokens were left in the dungeon when it collapsed at the end of the game.

In the next game, all of my Highschoolers got eaten! My wife got two of the family out. In the first half, she managed to set things up so that three of my tokens got eaten in one movement!

I have a feeling there will be many more sessions of this game.
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