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We would like to begin this article with expressing our thanks. Thanks for all players who decided to support Exoplanets campaign on Kickstarter. We want to thank all of our good friends for their support during the campaign, for their warm words and cheering on making even greater effort. That effort has finally resulted in our breaking the publishing record - the biggest individual sale in 30 days. Once again, THANK YOU very much.

Undoubtedly, this campaign was one of the most important events of this year, a kind of turning point in our business. But today we want to tell you what is going to be next, what our publishing plans would be and where else could you hear about UFOs from Wrocław!

As you might have guessed, we are currently producing Exoplanets: we button up production files and printing issues and we gather the necessary game components – the resource markers used in the game have already arrived, we also have pitch black pouches (almost like a black holes!), in which players can search for their planets. What is more, we are preparing some surprises for all participants of our fund-raising, but we will not breathe a word of it yet. So, we are not resting but working hard in order to present you Exoplantes in the coolest variant possible.

What's next? We will be printing more of a Dice Brewing. At the moment, we are preparing files for printing, ordering dices and ... we are making some changes. We can reveal some of them in the upcoming edition of Dice Brewing:

1. We are changing all tokens – they will be a little smaller and there will be more of them. Coins will be one-sided, which excludes the potential of accidental chip turning.

2. We are changing the little boards for players – they will be larger so that the dice would fit onto the whole board area. This is our nod towards the players’ feedback on this component.

3. We will change the instruction manual a bit – we are now looking through your comments and we will apply them.

4. And we are changing the rules of obtaining the blue dice- the dices of brewing skills. Until now, in order to get a new blue dice, one had to put his or her dice with score of at least 5 on a last School of Mastery field. Now one will be able to use a combination of dice. A minimum result of 5 would still be required to get a new blue dice, but it would be possible to compose it with many dices but, at least one would need to be blue. This means that the blue dice can be obtained with the following structure: yellow dice with a value of 1 + a green one 2 + a blue one 2.

Why are we changing that? We would like to make the acquisition of the blue dice easier, but also increase the number of options where players could use “poor rolls”.

These changes are the fruit of current sales and opinions, which we meticulously collect. With regards to the increased number of game components, we will also slightly raise the price of the game.

However, we want to nod towards the players who already have Dice Brewing, and who are interested in the introduced changes. We prepare for them Compensatory Kits with the components that have been changed. The kit will probably (that we still have to confirm) cost about 3 Euro and will be available on our website and on every convention that we will attend.

Want some more? Well, let’s talk about The Curse of the Black Dice. The game is almost ready. In terms of its mechanics, it is finished, tested and already presented on various convents. Now it's time for production and campaign dedicated specifically for Polish players.

Prototype from Portal Publishing, Polish con

The first edition will be very limited - 1000 copies, due to its unique dice character - but more on that soon! Again, we do not want to disclose all the information ☺ However, we would like to start the sales of this special edition in Poland. It is for our players who helped us to create Board&Dice and to somehow get back to the roots, that is on website.

That’s right, in late July and early August a campaign of The Curse of The Black Dice will start on; a 30-days campaign will be dedicated to Polish players. Now we are preparing all the surprises for you, even a solo variant and many other interesting options.

After campaign we start presale for players from Europe with the possibility to collect the game in Essen, according to the same rules applied to the last year sales of Dice Brewing.

We want to produce all these 3 titles till October, so that the games would be distributed to players from all over the world in this month- all of them: The Curse of The Black Dice, Exoplanets and improved version of Dicebrewing.

And what games we'll publish next? Well, we will share more on that in another post, and there is a lot to write about. Our publishing plans are already made for the entire year 2016.

But we will describe it all in detail once all the tasks listed here are finished. If you have any questions, want to talk to us - please write comments or on our Facebook wall or on Twitter -@BoardAndDice or @IrekHuszcza @FilipGlowacz.

To the next post ☺
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