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Subject: Solo Variant by Jordan Barlam (not me) rss

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Wil Young
United States
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Jordan Barlam posted this variant for solo play in the kickstarter comments. It is not mine, but thought I would post it here for anyone wanting to check it out. I haven't had a chance to review myself yet, but will likely give it a shot this weekend.

Jordan Barlam wrote:
Well, guess we didn't get the final goal. FAR closer than I would have expected, though. Came up with an impromptu ruleset for solitaire play earlier today in case we didn't get an official one. What about something like this:
Impromptu Solitaire Rules:
Start with 60 card communal deck and discard pile (You win if deck is emptied)
Opponent starts with 50 life
Opponent has no hand and cannot block attacks.
Special Interactions:
1. Opponent always benefits from loyalty.
2. Opponent can never use reclaim.
Card Alterations:
1. If a card or ability would make an opponent draw one or more cards, it instead banishes that many cards from the discard pile if able.
2. The Opponent never spends gold on events that can have two different effects, though you control which effect the opponent gets from each such card.
During Opponent’s Turn:
1.Opponent reveals cards from top of deck until a card that would cost it gold is revealed. All of those cards are played
2. All abilities of deployed champions requiring them to be expended are used if there are appropriate targets (when applicable, see below)
3. Instead of attacking, opponent sums attack value of all creatures not expended or deploying and subtracts half of that total (round up) from your life. This cannot be blocked.
During your turn:
1. Whenever you attack or try to end your turn, if opponent has not spent a gold this turn, it reveals cards from top of deck until an event or champion with ambush is revealed. Opponent plays that card and discards the rest.
Decision-Making for enemy:
1. If a card deals damage, it targets whichever card of yours without untargetable has the lowest defense. If you have no targets, it targets you if able. If that is not an option, the event or ability does nothing.
2. If a card banishes, breaks, or returns a creature card to its owner’s hand, it targets whichever card it of yours without untargetable (or unbreakable, if relevant) with the highest defense. If you control no appropriate targets the event or ability does nothing.
3. All other targeted effects target opponent’s own champion without untargetable with highest defense (if applicable) or a random applicable target if that is not a valid target.

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