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Subject: 1st Battle for Frostmarch rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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Daqan Northern Army- General Augusten Primar (4 Rating)*

Troops = Core *
Army Type= Blacken Skies + Command Tent + 1 Citadel Guard + 1 Lore
Scenario= The Last Bridge

* 1 Citadel Guard & 1 Yeoman Bowman Unit represent the Norgard Brigade &
have Immovable1 Ability due to the previous Norgard Campaign)

Uthuk Y'llan War Horde-War Chief Kerf Voskov (2 Rating)*

Army Type= Reign of Venom + Command Tent + 1 Blood Harvester
Scenario= The Veil of Secrets

Campaign=2 Battles against Frostmarch

Time =Early Spring 90 FC

* As this is a Solo Campaign Commander Ratings determine the #
of Command Cards & army can draw & choose from.


Early Spring-90FC- The Daqan Northern Army Camp-Evening

Knight Commander Murthag felt out of place at the War Council his plain Marcher
uniform set him apart from the regular army officers resplendent in their gold braid.
His Shield of Daqan metal for his delaying tactics against the Barbarians & his
Brigade of 2 hardened Norgard Regiments did however allow for a certain respect
from his brother officers.

Murthag did struggle with the formality of the regular army & listening to the thundering
voice of General Primar's Moral speech was giving him a slight headache.
How could such a voice come from the frail figure holding forth ,by Kellos how old
was the General? Primar had been a General & hero in the Dragon Wars some 30
years ago; he had to be in his 80's.

Despite his frail appearance the General's eyes were hawk like sharp & Murthag felt
they were boring into his soul but then realized from the faces of the other officers
that they all felt the same way; the grand old man had charisma .

Primar finished his remarks & dismissed his war council; he disliked these "Night
Before Battle" speeches but they were expected & most of his officers had only limited
combat experience so a little "Fire in the Belly" was necessary. He had been amused
watching Knight Commander Murthag struggle to pay attention but come tomorrow
no officer would fight harder than the Marcher & his men.

Murthag after leaving the war council meeting visited the camp fires of his men; joking,
sharing stories & making sure everyone knew what was expected on the morrow.
He deeply felt his responsibility as he was the defacto commander of the Northern Armies
Left Wing which was made up of his 2 Norgard Regiments & a troop of Riverwatch
Riders. Their Mission was to seize the Signal Mount a bit of high ground which would
provide a base from which to harass any attempt by the Uthuk forces to advance toward

Murthag had been impressed with General Primar battle plan he had maneuvered the
Army to get between the Barbarian Horde & Frostmarch tomorrow the Army would advance.
Besides his objective on the Left Primar would take the Center composing of most of the
Riverwatch Riders supported by the Citadel Guard & Yeomen Bowmen to secure the several
small villages in the area. The Right Flank was to advance & secure the Harwood to provide
another base from which to obstruct any Uthuk advance towards Frostmarch. Several Regiments
of Bowmen had been assigned to accomplish the task supported by the Citadel Guard & A Roc
Warrior. The latter fascinated Murthag who had never seen one & he only wished it had been
assigned to his command. Yes the plan was sound but sometime tomorrow the Daqan advance
would meet the Uthuk Y'llan forces & it would be tested with blood, steel & endurance .

Early Spring- The Uthuk Y'llan Camp-Dawn

The Tribal Chiefs prostrated themselves as War Chief Kerf Voskov ,he of the Bloody Hand,
Uniter of Tribes & beloved of Ynfernal ,left his command tent. Blood caked from sacrifice
with bloodshot eyes from Blood Beer he strode forth as a living avatar of the Chaos Gods.
Smiling to show his filed teeth his voice a silky malice filled whisper as he ordered the Chiefs
to break camp & prepare for battle.

As the Chiefs backed away from their Commander , Voskov felt their fear & rage, last nights ceremonies
had raised the Tribes to a blood frenzy which would be quenched in todays battle. The War Chief had
brought his Horde down from the Ru Darklands & was marching toward the nearest Daqan city Frostmarch.
Yesterday his scouts had reported that a Daqan Army had taken up a position just below a series of hills
blocking the approach to Frostmarch. Voskov had divided most of his forces on the Flanks to secure
two potential bottlenecks . A few settlements occupied the Center & he had delegated an Obscene Unit
to take the closest one & send its population back to the homeland as slaves the others would be pillaged
with no one left alive.

Early Morning-The Priest Chants suddenly end & a terrible scream rips through the morning air as the
Uthuk Y'llan Horde begins a Line Advance toward the Daqan Army. A Flesh Ripper Unit moves
quickly out & seizes the Wood Objective on the Left Flank on the Right & Center Obscene Units
move toward the strategic hill & the village. Primar keeping to his battle plan has Murthag's Norgard
Regiments move out , the Guard Unit occupies the Signal Mount & the Bowmen move up to the
wooded area above the Daqan command tent & fire on the approaching Obscene giving the Demonic
Troops a loss.

The Uthuk forces keep the pressure & Attack Left, the Flesh Ripper leaves the wood & moves to
occupy the bridge to uncover the Daqan Center. The other Flesh Ripper comes up to occupy the
wood & a Viper Legion from the Black River Tribe volleys on the Citadel Guard Unit & manages
to poison the Unit. The Daqan act quickly the Roc Warrior assaults the Flesh Rippers on the bridge
but fail to dislodge the beasts. The Daqan healers remove the poison stain from the Citadel Guard
and the Unit moves up to attack the Vipers forcing them to retreat. The Guard now advances &
attacks the Flesh Rippers in the wood causing them a loss.The Yeoman Bowman "Take Aim"
& destroy the remaining Flesh Rippers in the wood.

Voskov now Pulls the Flesh Ripper Unit off the bridge & back to the wood but the Citadel Guard resists
causing the Flesh Rippers a lost in a fierce counter attack. Primar now orders Echelon Right
The Roc Warrior forces the Beasts out of the wood with another loss & the Citadel Guard
Regiment finishes them off.

As the day brightens The Utuk failing on the Left Flank turn their attention to the Center & Right
Flanks an Obscene Unit attacks the Norgard Guards on Signal Mount but are cut down by Murthag

Morning- The Sun is fully up & reveals the Uthuk Y'llan problem they have been unable to secure
the terrain features on the Flanks which will thwart their advance to Frostmarch. Voskov orders
an Onslaught moving K'er the Chaos Lord toward the Signal Mount and 2 Tribes of Vipers
fire on the Norgard Regiments but the Daqan hold firm. The Daqan now order out the Riverwatch
Riders in a hell for leather Cavalry Charge up the Center. The Obscene Unit occupying the
Village is driven out with a loss and a Viper Legion is forced to retreat.

The Uthuk continue to press on their Right Wing with Attack Right .The Chaos Lord attacks the Signal Mount
forcing the stubborn Norgard Guards to retreat. & a Viper Legion forces a Troop of Riverwatch Riders
back. The Daqan respond with Patrol Left sending 2 troops of Cavalry to take out the Viper Legions.
one of the Vipers is driven back but little else is accomplished.

The balance of the Morning sees the Uthuk Y'llan securing the Signal Mount with the Chaos Lord
but making no progress in the Center or Left Flanks. The Bridge & Harwood remained firmly in Daqan
control. Knight Commander Murthag raised the Battle Cry & forced the massive Chaos Lord off the
Signal Mount .

Voskov spat in discuss the Daqan forces had tied up his Horde any attempt to push through to Frostmarch
would face disruption of supplies as he could not secure his Flanks. The War Chief mastered his rage &
cooled his blood as he ordered the retreat horns sounded. He would fall back & let his enemy think they
had driven him off try again Ynfernal will be done.

General Primar heard the Uthul Y'llan horns & saw the savages fade back into the hills & signals his
own troops to stand down. His Army had held especially the Norgard Regiments who had even fought
off a Chaos Lord. The sound of cheering was spreading across the Daqan battle line as the men realized
they had one. Primar thought of his Riverwatch Riders , 3 splendid Regiments now mostly dead on the
field & reminded himself Victory could be as bitter as defeat.

Knight Commander Murthag when among his men checking the wounded & praising their courage
the March Men were cleaning their weapons & preparing the dead for a proper burial they did
not join in the cheering & celebration that had enveloped the rest of the Army.

A corporal who was having an arrow removed from his leg asked Murthag why the Southlanders
were carrying on so. the Knight Commander responded " they think this victory ends things they
don't realize it just got things started".

Daqan VP=16
Uthuk Y'llan=2
The first battle of my Campaign Battle for Terrinoth Campaign alas my Army Generator
kicked out 2 Core Armies so I didn't get to use the Expansion Troops. The Daqan won
rather easily as 2 of the 3 objectives that gave VP were close to their set up & the one
that was close to the Uthuk was on their weakest flank & the Daqan's strongest.

The Frostmarch Campaign requires 2 Battles( we use the # on the Shields of the Road to
Legend Board to determine the # of individual Campaigns battles that need to be fought
from Location to Location) . So the Uthuk have their work cut out for them next battle.


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Good stuff, Old Dwarf. I've been reading your session reports using this campaign system, and I'm intrigued. My son and I are looking for ways to campaign using the BattleLore armies.

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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silentshadow wrote:
Good stuff, Old Dwarf. I've been reading your session reports using this campaign system, and I'm intrigued. My son and I are looking for ways to campaign using the BattleLore armies.


Thanks ss I enjoy Campaigns as they create a story & help pull
you into the Game World. FFG has been rather lax with background
on Terrinoth but I've found the Road to Legend Board from Descent1
a great help. The Icons & information converted rather nicely
into a Campaign.


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