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Cup-A-Cup is a fine little childrens game that can be played with the family (or at a frat party drunk). The game is easy to play and learn and doesn't require as much brain power as one would think at first glance.

There is a speed aspect to the game, but it plays super fast. A game may last 3 minutes max. It is fun because you are trying to move so quickly that you make the wrong decision due to speed and not because you don't know the answer. This leads to a lot of laughs.

If the ages or maturity level is way off people can be easily dominated. This is the sort of game you need to measure with the people you are playing with. Kids really like this game and it makes a great family game. I recommend if the price is cheap enough.



Wood/plastic: The cups are good quality with faces on the side of them and a shape in a color on the bottom so all can see. These are great quality. You also get two plastic dice that you will roll during the game.

Cards: N/A

Art: N/A

Board: N/A

Type of money/vp: N/A

Final Grade: The components are nice. I like the addition of putting the faces on the cups. Great addition. The dice are cheaper plastic dice, but durable and will work fine with kids.

Rule Book:

Color/B/W: Color

Pictures of components: Yes

Picture of game set up: No

Pictures included: No, not of game

Example of playing the game: Yes, an example of different combinations included

How long to read the book: 2 Minutes

Player Aid: No

The rules are simple and presented in a very easy to read format. Kids won't have any issues with the game.

Flow of the Game:

1. Cups with different shapes/colors on them are placed before the players.

2. One player rolls the dice which will make a pattern.

3. Players rush to grab a cup that is the next pattern:

A. If you are wrong, you cannot grab again this round
B. If you are right, the cup stays in front of you and counts as a point

4. Repeat until someone has a number of cups in front of them required to win.

Ex: red circle red circle means you need a red circle cup

red circle blue square means you need a yellow triangle cup

Should I buy this game?:

This is a fun little kids game where you are collecting cups with different colors and shapes on them. My kids like the friendly appearance of the game and it is fun for them to grab the cups. For kids or a drinking party game. Not a ton here though. Families will also enjoy this game.


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