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Cootie is a classic children's game of building cooties. The game is super simple. All you do roll the dice over and over until you get the result you need. Super boring. Even my kids get bored after a while. I always have to cheat and modify the rules to get the game moving.

This is a game I would warn you to stay away from. It is boring, redundant, and your kids are likely to like it. That is the worst possible combination for a parent.

The game is attractive and memories of your youth will lead you to buy this game and play it, but you have been warned. There are better games you may enjoy more to play with your kids. You have been warned.



The components are fun. You build a silly cootie with different eyes, legs, teeth, etc. The parts are plastic and hard plastic. The game is really visually appealing. Kids are going to love to look at this game and to play with the bits.

Rule Book:

The rules are printed on cheap black and white paper. The rules are fairly good, although it doesn't tell you want to do if you don't get the needed number (I assume the next person takes a turn). Otherwise, it gets the job done.

Flow of the Game:

You win if you are the first play to finish their cootie.

The game is easy: roll the dice. Compare the result to the chart and add that body part to the Cootie. You must roll a 1 first and then a 2 before adding other body parts. If you get a body part, you get to take another turn.

You roll the dice hoping you get the number you need. You will roll that dice a lot.

Should I buy this game?:

This is such a frustrating game of rolling the dice and making the cooties. This is for younger kids only here. This is another starter game for kids. My kids like making the cootie and I would guess yours will too. Young kids only.


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