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Aside from my regular collection I crafted a 250-point demo set using only v. 1 vehicles and other units to show off some different unit abilities in a set scenario format. the General idea was a 1945 encounters between regular American forces and a mixed bag of Germans.

The German build starts with a Headquarters unit. This represents the general German superiority in small unit leadership that persisted right to the end. The Organization SA increases the already high German chance of winning initiative. German play should make maximum use of the initiative.

The rest of the German force is a High/Low mix

The Hugh quality group is led by the SS Hauptsurmfuhrer, pretty much a standard for any German build with that +3 initiative bonus.
The main offensive punch comes from one SS Panther G supported by two Panzer IV G. This provides more then 100 points of good tanks with superior long-range firepower and good armor. Mobility is a little low, however.
Supporting the yanks is an SS Panzer Grenadier riding in a SdKfz 251 and a Panzershreck riding in a Sd Kfz 250, although both transports can be diverted to other duties if expedient, as can be seen below. Stil, the SS Panzergrenadier is a tough unit, well suited for seizing an objective.

The Low side is a mixed bag of units that in game terms provide a base for the tank force to maneuver from.

Leading this group is the Wehrmacht Oberleutnebt. This provides some backup in case you lose the SS leader with a +2 initiative which retains parity with the Americans. He also has a dangerous AT capability.
Two MG 42 teams provide heavy anti infantry firepower, with three Mausers for local protection and possible offensive use.
A Volksturm infantryman and Fortress Defender provide some Late Wsr flavor while beefing up the numbers at Los cost.
A werewolf Partisan provides some potential to mess with the American rear area early on, particularly the ammo or fuel dumps.
Providing light support are a light mortar, a Panzerfaust, A Pak 38 and a Flak 38, These provide some minimal AA and AT ability.
finally, the German force has a couple of gimmick units to make life interesting for the American side: A Wehrmacht Sniper and a Goliath. Both are included in part to demonstrate the use of this kind of unit but they provide some interesting tactical possibilities for the Germans.

The U.S. force is more conventional in appearance.

The U.S. has an ammo dump and fuel depot, which represent the general resource superiority they enjoyed, both provide very useful in-game benefits.
The US force is led by the REd DEvil Captain. His +2 initiative gives the U.S. some chance of winning initiative, but he is likely to be a priority German target and will need protection.

THe infantry component comprises three M1 Garand. A 'Buffalo Soldier' is added as a nod to the fact that manpower shortages in the late war gave African American soldiers an opportunity to de facto integrate rifle units. Supporting the platoon is a BAR gunner, two Bazookas and a light mortar. A squad of rangers gives the Americans one elite infantry.

For fire support the Americands get an 81mm mortar.

Two half tracks and two jeeps provide some transportation flexibility.

The armored force comprises four M4A1 Shermans, an M8 Greyhound and M16 Halftrack

For gimmicks the US gets air support in the form of a P-51D Mustang supported by an FO Jeep and a Resourceful Hero which allow two more kinds of units to be introduced into the game.

this OB provides a balanced contest that explores most aspects of the rules and makes a good demonstration game, if a bit on the large side.
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