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3D Labyrinth is a nice starter game for your children. It will have them figuring out the "puzzle" of the game, instead of merely just doing what the game has told them to do which is common in most roll and move games.

This game can usually be solved. Adults will not struggle with this game at all. There is luck to when a treasure card is turned over and where you pawn has been placed. Sometimes it will just be easier than others. You hope this is evened out over the course of the game.

Even so, this isn't a game to be taken too seriously. Your kids will soon out grow this game and move on to other games, even other Labyrinth games. It is a starter game, not one for the ages. At a certain price point, this game may make sense. If you are looking to have your kids working on games other than Candyland and the like, then this is a good starting point.



The components are very nice. You get a 3D board that looks fairly nice and is attractive. The tiles that fit in have nice art for the treasures you are seeking. The cards are smaller and a nice size for a child's hands. All of the components are nice and attractive and will be appealing to children.

Rule Book:

The rules are printed in black and white and are presented in numerous languages. There are few pictures and less instructions on how to set the game up. It is all pretty easy to figure things out though.

The rules are clear and the game is very simple.

Flow of the Game:

In this game, you are trying to collect the most treasure cards. You get treasure cards by moving the labyrinth and taking your pawn to the treasure printed on the board.

1. A treasure card is turned over showing which treasure you are trying to reach.

2. Each player, in turn order, can move the labyrinth and try to reach the treasure. If you cannot, go as far as you wish and stop. The next player then tries.

3. The first player to reach the treasure gets the treasure card (then move to step 1 again).

Should I buy this game?:

This is a recommendaton based on price. If you can find it cheap enough and have the right aged kid: 2-3+, then I would recommend this game. It is going to teach your kid a different type of game. This is more about moving the board around and figuring out how to get somewhere. This is not a rule and move and will take your child through a different style of thinking. They have to figure something out rather than just do what the game tells them to do. The game won't have a long shelf life though. My kids are outgrowing the game.


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