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Shanon Conner
United States
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Getting everybody together seems to be the hardest part of playing Risk 2210 AD. This time it was only 3 of us:
Shanon (me)

The Devastation Markers fell on Canada, Zaire, Madagascar, and Sakra. This closed an important border between Africa and Australia, and made Africa easier to hold.

In the initial placement, Shanon went for Australia, South America, and some of North America. Jake collected most of Africa, and then went for pieces of S. America, N. America and Europe. Sven took all but 1 country in Asia and took half of Europe.

Turn order for round 1 was Jake, Sven, and Shanon. Jake bought a Naval Commander and 3 Land cards. He went all out for Shanon, taking the S. American Continent and S. Atlantic, and took the remaining countries in Africa. Sven defended his many borders of Asia, but didn't quite get the last territory. Shanon responded to Jake's initial attack by sweeping from Australia through the water to challenge Jake's hold on S. America. 3 of 4 fell, but so did his Naval commander (a little too eager in rolling.) Shanon did consolidate all of Australia, the Indian Ocean, all the water territories in the Pacific.

Shanon bid 2 energy to go first, followed by Jake, then Sven. Shanon collected his extra armies and placed them in S. and N. America. He bought another Naval Commander and a Nuclear Commander, with 4 Nuke Cards. He managed to capture all of S. America, N. America, and the N. Atlantic Sea Colonies. Jake bought back his Land Commander and purchased 2 Land cards and a Diplomat card. Sweeping through from Europe, he took several N. American territories, robbing Shanon of his reinforcements. Sven purchased a Space Commander and took 2 moon colonies and fortified Asia's borders again, but still didn't hold the last territory of Asia (Middle East).

Shanon and Sven both bid 2 energy to go first, but Shanon won the dice roll. Sven choose second, and Jake settled for third. Shanon bought a Space Commander and 4 Nuke Cards. His goal was to take the moon and fortify it, but also to try and buy as many Nuke cards as possible, to keep Nicky Boy and Rocket Strike Moon out of Enemy Hands. His first attacks were to re-take N. America, but Jake stymied that with a Cease Fire card. Since Sven was the only target, Shanon went for the moon. Shanon managed to take all of the Moon Territories (after wiping out Sven's pitiful resistance), but the borders were poorly defended. Sven attempted to capture Asia again, but the dice would not hear of it. Jake (still chuckling from the Cease Fire card) used his reinforcements to capture all of Europe and S. America. He controlled half of the world at this point, but Shanon had the moon.

Shanon used his energy advantage to buy first place. Sven took second and Jake third. Shanon's Nuke, Naval, and Diplomat Commanders had all died bravely defending S. America on turn 3, so he bought the back as well as 4 Nukes. Shanon took control over N. America, but focused on fortifying the moon. Each entrance was guarded by at least 8 armies and a Commander. Feeling pretty smug with his holdings, Shanon dared anyone to come attack the moon. Sven bought a Naval commander and 2 Naval Cards. He drew and played a card that would give him 5 energy if he took Microcorp (Indian Ocean colony). He went for it and took the entire Indian Ocean, as well as finally taking ALL of Asia. Jake bought 2 Land and 2 Nuke cards, and proceeded to Nuke everybody. His Rocket strikes weakened several key defenses in N. America, and he managed to break through to capture all of N. America and part of the N. Pacific, as well as all of N. Atlantic. He also took one Asia territory from Sven.

The critical last turn began with Shanon holding Australia, one Sea Colony and the entire Moon, for which he expected 11 bonus armies. Sven had most of Asia and the Indian Ocean, so he would get 2 bonus armies. Jake had N. and S. America, Europe, Africa, and both Atlantic Sea Colonies. He would get 18 bonus armies. Since Shanon had the most energy, he bought the first pick. Weighing the power of going last against the havoc Jake could wreak with his 18 bonus armies, Shanon decided to go first and prevent Jake from getting his bonuses. Sven took second leaving Jake to go last.

Shanon took all his reinforcements (except 5) and placed them on New Atlantis sea colony. He purchased 1 Diplomat and 3 Space Cards (hoping for an Invade Earth, but didn't get it.) He Assasinated 2 of Jake's Commanders and played Frequency Jam on Jake to prevent another Cease Fire fiasco. He retook the Indian Ocean Colony and the N. Pacific Colonies. Instead of capturing all of N. America, he chose to take 3 territories then march into Europe. He took one European territory then fortified 4 armies from the Moon down to Iceland for a total of 7 armies there. Sven took Asia. Jake didn't bother with the Moon at all, but repurchased his commanders, Nuked everywhere he could. His reinforcements were all placed in Europe, and he took over Iceland and N. America and one N. Atlantic Sea territory. He stole one territory from Asia.

Final Score:
Jake- 45
18 Territories.
Europe - 5, N. America - 5, S. America - 2, Africa - 3, N. Atlantic Sea Colonies - 2, S. Atlantic Sea Colonies - 1.
3 Colony Influence cards - 9
Shanon- 40
24 Territories
Australia -2, Pacific Sea Colony - 1, All 3 Moon - 8, Indian Ocean Colonies - 2.
1 Colony Influence card - 3
Sven- 12
12 Territories.
No bonuses.

After it was over, I see that holding the moon might be enough to win in 4 or 5 player games, but certainly not a 3 player. The game was very close, but cards were the deciding factor. If Jake hadn't had the Colony influence cards, or the Cease Fire card, the outcome could have been different.
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