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Subject: Scenario with Hill Giant (aka The Battle of Kashglera) rss

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Philip Thomas
United Kingdom
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Here is a scenario I made up myself which uses the Hill Giant. It is not necessarily balanced, though I did make a few playtests before writing it up. It is based on a battle in the history of my own fantasy world.meeple

Asterisks indicate optional changes to the rules for that troop type, described at the end.

The Battle of Kashglera

Historical Notes

In the late 8th century, the Paladinate was on the brink of Civil War. One man could have saved the day, Lord Darius of Oceanton. He led an expedition into the East to search for the lost artefacts the Paladinate had once posessed. On the far side of the Eastern Mountains, in a wooded glebe called Kashglera, he was ambushed by the forces of the Flind confederacy, a barbarian horde of hyena like beasts with a cunning and ruthless commander, King Odurisakg...

Setup: Kashglera uses 27 Woods Hexes and no other terrain. Place 8 Woods on the hexes which are in two parts of the battlefield (leftwing and centre and rightwing and centre). Place 1 Wood on the Hex equidistant between your middle pair of Woods hexes, in the dead centre of the battlefield. In the lower left corner, go up the left-hand edge 4 hexes, and place a wood there and another adjacent to it on its right. Place another wood adjacent to both hexes and towards the lower edge. Place another wood to on the lower right of the previous one.
You should now have a pattern like this.


This pattern is mirrored in all the other corners (top right, top left, bottom right, always with two woods just before the centre line and one wood in each of the two lines before the two woods line.

(If you are thouroughly confused at this point, the woods in the top left of the Agincourt Diagram are in the correct pattern, so you can just copy that in all four corners).

Ok. Lord Darius of Oceanton using the crenellated banners is a level 1 commander so gets 4 cards. His aim is to take 7 banners. His War council consists of a level 1 Warrior (Osric Tuilth), a Level 1 Rogue (Lady Entelzar), a level 1 Wizard (Simeon the Red) and a Level 1 Cleric (Beatus Anguim)

His forces consist of 2 Heavy Cavalry, 3 Medium Cavalry, 2 Light Cavalry*, 1 Dwarven Heavy Infantry, 1 Dwarven Medium Infantry, 2 Light Infantry* and 2 Light Archers*.

Most of the force is deployed on the 2nd row. One archer is in each of the two wood hexes on that row. Going left from the right hand archer, we have 2 Medium Cavalry, 2 Heavy Cavalry, a Dwarven Heavy Infantry, a Dwarven Medium Infantry, a Light Cavalry, and a gap before the other archer. In the third row, the 2 light infantry are in the 2 centre hexes which are wooded. A light cavalry is to the immediate left of the lefthand light infantry, and a medium cavalry is to the immediate right of the right hand medium cavalry.

King Odurisakg is a level 2 commander so gets 5 cards. His aim is to take 7 banners. His War Council consists of a level 1 Wizard (Flurisama) and a Hill Giant (Glocthrofg).

His forces consiste of 2 Light Goblin Cavalry*, 3 Heavy infantry*, 6 Medium infantry, 2 Light Crossbow units and a Hill Giant.

The 6 Medium infantry are deployed on the second rank in the four centre hexes and the two on each side of them. The 3 Heavy Infantry are in the third rank in the 3 centre hexes that are not wooded. The two Crossbow units are in the third rank in the 2 centre hexes which are wooded. On the RHS of the right hand crossbow unit are two light Goblin Cavalry, and on the LHS of the left hand crossbow unit is the Hill Giant. (right and left are from the perspective of the square banner player)

The forces of King Odurisakg go first.

Additional optional rules for starred units

Crenellated banner light cavalry are Halflings on Riding Dogs, armed with Slings and Short Swords. The Sling is like a Common Bow but only has range 2 and takes no penalty for use while moving. The Short Sword is as for normal infantry and the light cavalry will use it in melee.

Crenellated banner light infantry are Halflings armed with slings (see above). They don't have short swords so use the slings in melee as well.

Crenellated banner light infantry are elven archers. Their bows are as common bows but have range five, and they can move through woods as if they were clear terrain (the woods still block LOS).

Square banner light cavalry are actually kobolds not goblins, but this makes no rules difference

Square banner heavy infantry are flinds with halberds. These function like Long Swords, so all bonus hits rolled by them count.

Have a fun game!

Historical footnote

Lord Darius lost the battle and was captured and eaten alive by the flind's gnoll footsoldiers. ‘The Defining Battle of the Civil War’, Kashglera not only lost the lands east of the Diathran Mountains to civilisation for over a thousand years (though the Flind Confedracy only manged another hundred and fifty), but, together with the council’s failure to establish control over Palas, ensured that the civil war would be a long one.

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