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New Jersey
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We played this game twice with 2 players and both plays were enjoyable. There's surprisingly a lot of strategy in such a small game. Since we played 2 player, our board was 3x3 in the end rather than 4x4. The game plays pretty quickly (about an hour for us and we are slow players) and you really feel like you are a prehistoric man/woman trying to eke out a living by foraging for food and resting to increase your energy so that you can.... you guessed it... forage for more food!

Thematically the mechanics made sense and the fiddliness was minimal. I liked that you can choose from 3 action cards in each round so that you can really think about what strategy you want to use in order to get the most food and trade during the round.

Setup was on the lower end and I suspect with real trade tokens (as opposed to the paper prototype ones I printed) it would be easier to handle and place them. There's virtually no fiddliness between rounds which is great.

Our first play was with the dummy player variant - so we moved the dummy players around at the end of each round, the second play was without the dummy players. We preferred the non-dummy variant as that minimized the fiddliness between rounds and really let us focus on our own strategies as opposed to trying to avoid the dummy players.

Even with the smaller board, we found that there wasn't much conflict - or brawling - for resources, but i suspect this was because we try to play peacefully, we don't actively try to seek out conflict in games. So brawling didn't seem like it would be a big component of the game. The core of the game is really to maneuver your forager to gather as many goods as possible while maintaining enough energy to trade those goods and gain the coveted trade tokens which count as victory points at the end of the game. The balancing of energy and foraging was well thought out here and I can't emphasize enough how much theme really shines through here.

In conclusion, we really enjoyed this game and will likely play it again soon. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes action selection/worker placement/movement mechanics with a theme that does not feel like its pasted on.
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